2017 Hanami Celebration

Melissa 2017/04/03 ニュースとイベント

On March 31st, the whole Apex team spent the afternoon in Yoyogi park enjoying the great views of blooming sakura and celebrated the season of hanami. The first Apex hanami celebration was in 2011, and has since become a yearly tradition that the whole company looks forward to and enjoys.

“It allows us to get outside of the confines of our office or desk area and interact with people in the office that we otherwise may not have had a chance to talk with in a while.  As an annual event, it’s something to look forward to and work toward from the beginning of the year.” – Chase, Consultant


Here are some of highlights of the event:


“One of the things I love about our hanami is how so many members of staff work together to make a really fun event for the whole company to enjoy. I think it’s important we celebrate hanami because we work really hard to achieve our targets, so it’s great to have a chance to all get together and unwind during the daytime like this.” – Dan, Training Associate



“Always like the fact that you have a chance to interact with people that are not on your team or people you don’t interact with on a daily or even weekly basis.” – Jay, Consultant



“It was great to chat and bond with co-workers in a more casual setting” – Cherri, Associate



“It was a great opportunity to talk and relax outside of the confines of the office and create a feeling of ‘Team’. No matter how busy it can get at work, it reminds us that it is important to take time to relax and enjoy the simplistic beauty of life.” – Perry, Associate




We are already looking forward to next year’s hanami celebration!