Q1 2017 Celebration

Melissa 2017/04/10 ニュースとイベント

Apex celebrated the end of the first quarter of 2017 by reviewing our performance so far, rewarding successes, and acknowledging those who made big contributions this quarter.

The celebration was a great end to a very successful quarter, and a great start to the year.



We started the celebration by catching up with colleagues and enjoying the great food and drinks.


IRC Presentation

Japheth A. Worthy discussed what happened at the IRC Global Conference in Singapore in February. The next conference is in Shanghai in October, so we are looking forward to attending that as well and hearing the next update in Q3.



Maiko Nagata has been with Apex for just over a year and has been very successful in her team. This quarter she was promoted to Senior Associate, congratulations Maiko!



The Banking and Financial Services team kicked off 2017 with some great placements and achievements, winning the Team of the Quarter award. Congratulations BFS and keep up the good work!



The first quarter of 2017 was a great one and we plan to continue to work hard and succeed through the rest of this year.