Apex Company Trip: Tsuchiura Adventures

Melissa 2017/10/02 ニュースとイベント

This year we brought back our annual company trip! For the last weekend in September, the Apex team traveled north from our office in Ebisu to the city of Tsuchiura. We enjoyed great food at the hotel, a nice relaxing afternoon walking in the park and sitting by the water and a fun night of karaoke!



“I’m very short, so me + this little guy on my shoulders equals a full adult. Regarding the trip though, it was great! We got to see everyone in their more natural relaxed state. My favorite part was the view from the 13th floor dining hall.” – Pradi


A slight delay along the way didn’t stop us from having a bit of fun playing catch outside the station.


“The trip was a great success! It was really fun to be able to unwind with coworkers, and forget the stresses of the past quarter. My favorite part was just being outside and taking in the Tsuchiura sights. We spent some time by the lake, and also in the Kasumigaura Sogo park. The place had a very small town feel which is very different from Tokyo, it was very relaxing.” – Sneha


When we arrived it was time for lunch. The hotel even prepared a special sign for us.




After lunch, we had some free time to explore the city. Part of the group went down near the water to relax and enjoy some drinks. The other group went to a local game center to test out their skills in the batting cages.



“Planning a company trip is a bit trickier than it seems but everyone chipped it to make this such a successful trip! I had a lot of fun and enjoyed getting to know my fellow co-workers outside of the ‘usual’ setting.” – Jay


“The trip was fun, it was a good chance to spend time with my colleagues outside of work. I really enjoyed the Karaoke. Everyone was singing and dancing and enjoying our time together.” – Marisa


“Having in-depth conversations outside of the workplace with my coworkers really made us connect on a deeper level. A memorable moment was walking back from the karaoke place together.” – Perry


The trip to Tsuchiura was a nice little getaway from busy Tokyo. We’re already looking forward to the trip next year!