Nerey Aranas


Nerey Aranas – Consultant

Nerey is a Consultant at Apex, focusing on mid-career to executive level positions in healthcare and management consulting industries. She works closely with pharmaceutical and consulting companies to support them with their urgent and difficult searches.

Nerey has successfully completed many placements in several areas such as Clinical Development, Medical Affairs, Project Management, Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs, Marketing, Data Analytics and Business Technology Solutions.

Nerey was a Registered Nurse and this experience helped her communicate with healthcare professionals when she started her recruitment career in 2015.


Apex delivers strong profile and highly skilled candidates that match the job description requirements. Their candidate know how, network and experience helped us to initiate contact and integrate the candidate into our company. We are very happy with the candidate selected by Apex. K.K. consulting service. Thank you for the professional recruitment consulting service throughout the selection and follow up. We really appreciated it and strongly recommend Apex.

APAC Head of Supply Chain

Global Healthcare Company