Takuji Deguchi


Takuji is a Consultant in the Pharmaceutical Team at Apex. After studying Psychology and Education at university, he started his career at a domestic apparel company. While in the brand management business, he was heavily involved in the hiring of new staff and career support. He later worked at one of the biggest advertising agencies in Japan doing digital marketing shortly before joining Apex.

Utilizing his diverse background, Takuji does his best to advise candidates on the next step in their career.


Apex delivers strong profile and highly skilled candidates that match the job description requirements. Their candidate know how, network and experience helped us to initiate contact and integrate the candidate into our company. We are very happy with the candidate selected by Apex. K.K. consulting service. Thank you for the professional recruitment consulting service throughout the selection and follow up. We really appreciated it and strongly recommend Apex.

APAC Head of Supply Chain

Global Healthcare Company