Compliance (Sr.) Manager

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16998 Compliance (Sr.) Manager

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・Lead and manage the compliance team to:
・Develop, implement, administer and certify compliance policies, procedures, and practices
・Drive the company wide efforts to mitigate compliance risks through development and implementation of compliance programs. Work includes compliance risk assessment, pre-approval for events relating to health care professionals, and monitoring
・Plan and conduct employee compliance trainings. Training subjects will include industry rules, internal compliance rules, antitrust, FCPA, privacy and promotion codes.
・Provide compliance advice
・Investigate compliance issues and take actions accordingly
・Help enforcing anti-bribery and anti-competition law compliance
・Analyze compliance metrics and audits functional compliance program.
・Otherwise ensure the compliance by each employee with, among others, the company’s Code of Conduct, the Business Conduct Standards and other internal and industry rules.


1. Knowledge, skills & abilities:
・Minimum 5 years of compliance experience
・Attorney license preferred
・Experience in working for US or other multinational company abroad preferred
・Strong ability to develop and manage the team
・Strong ability to partner with businesses and functions with good communication skills
・Strong ability to manage projects
・Strategic thinking and strong ability to solve issues to best accomplish business objectives without compromising compliance
・Fluency in English
2. Educational level:
・Law graduate preferred
・Domestic or foreign law school education preferred

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