Finance Planning and Analysis

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16734 Finance Planning and Analysis


1. Work with Manager, Japan FP&A, to provide strong support for business decisions to commercial stakeholders as a data scientist and a business partner.
2. Contribute to management closely work with department leaders or budget owners and drive process improvement
3. Play a key role to support Sales / Marketing activities and manage monthly accounting by providing appropriate accruals for customer rebate, promotion, and any other marketing spending.
4. Proactively and closely work with commercial function members, IT-BI Team, and FP&A Senior Manager / Manager to find out market opportunities to grow and business solutions to overcome business issues. It sometimes should be “business analysis” beyond “financial analysis” areas, enabling the company to achieve business goals.
5. Join urgent/quick business studies frequently and works with commercial stakeholders for business simulation and hypothesis verifications on any business matters.
6. Provide very deep business analysis and new insights getting from data mining the company have not conducted yet. Clarify what the real business drivers are.
7. Frequent discussion and communication with commercial function is inevitable to understand the market and the company’s business environment. Conduct a hypothetical approach with commercial members to clarify business issues from data analysis and find out right solutions for business growth.
8. Maintain and streamline financial database to be used as a data source for financial analysis and reporting.
9. Prepare or help for making presentation materials for business discussions.
10. Support Budgeting/Long-range strategic plan/forecasting process as needed.


・Advanced skill for data handling, utilizing MS Excel, Tableau, COGNOS BI, etc.
・Basic understanding of accounting (i.e. Japanese GAAP and/or US GAAP)
・Good communication skill is required for effective information collection or verification
・Good graphic skill to show result of analysis using effective graphs and/or charts is required.
・Basic English reading & writing proficiency is required (Need business level in the future)
・Coordination and management skill of routine tasks and ad-hoc requirement in an environment demanding both accuracy and speed.
・Knowledge and good understanding of accounting, budget & forecasting is a PLUS
・Collaboration/teamwork mindset as CoE for data analysis. Respect each other in a humble/ friendly way.
・Objective, logical thinking, patience, and tenacity
・Good Communicator. Demonstrating business partnering and building strong working relationships with stakeholders with a various and effective communication way.
・Speak-up and driving-business mindset. Have passion to move forward.
・Innovative mindset. Conduct “zero-based” review when start analyzing
・Have clear career aspirations, and always challenge him/herself for self-development.
・Strong ethics as a finance professional.
・Minimum Experience: more than 3-year experience in data analytics/FP&A and more than 2-year experience in accounting
・Proven track record for contributing business growth or problem solving from data analytic perspectives.
・Experience developing financial model (i.e. profit & loss business plan), providing financial analysis and creating presentation material is advantage
・Worked in foreign affiliated companies, requiring English business terminology is required
・Experience in Oracle Essbase/ COGNOS / Business Intelligent is preferable
・Minimum Education: Bachelor degree in Data engineer, Data Science, Statistics, or Finance.
・Certificate of Book keeping or USCPA/JICPA is advantage

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