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18421 Logistics Specialist

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1. Lead and execute operational management of 3 main team rolls (importation, warehousing, customer distribution) in a safe, quality, compliant, and productive matter by collaborating with internal/external stakeholders
・Imported goods delivery planning to internal/external stakeholders
・Maintenance of value for customs purpose to customs authority, and import VAT payment / budget monitoring
・Distribution center management (Audit, Improvements, budget management, security measure, SOP, Temp control quality ,monthly closure, etc.)
・Good Distribution Practice management (delivery timeliness, delivery quality, temp control risk assessment, etc.)
・SAP (excel) transaction for team rolls mainly for inventory movement
・100% compliant for all operations
2. Lead or participate Continuous Process Improvement (Process efficiency, Cost optimization, Operator Dependency removal, Standardization, etc.)
・Participate and support project (Regional Asia-Pacific, Local, cross-functional, internal and external)


・Intermediate or higher English skills
・Ability to accelerate improvement proactively by investing current time for better future on team capability
・Ability to drive projects with high ownership by efficiently managing PDCA
・Wider perspective for process improvement
・Ability to share the team mission to support individual development within the team
・Strong sense of team spirit: always try to understand expectation from others, or support team members each others to maintain healthy working environment such as taking appropriate annual leaves
・Ability to demonstrate learning from others and appropriate behavior

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