Planning & Analytics Division Director

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18083 Planning & Analytics Division Director

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・Lead the optimization of procurement operations by identifying supply risks and inherent problems, while supporting the smooth operation of the stores to which the products are delivered.
・Lead cross-team efforts to streamline and restructure processes.
・Build and maintain positive relationships with customers and suppliers.
・Serve as a coordinator between customers and suppliers in emergency situations.
・Strengthen team capabilities through coaching and development plans.
・Establish a system to improve the organizational structure and business processes to improve the quality of sales promotion campaign management.
・Set, track, and manage appropriate KPIs to minimize lost sales (including run-outs) and write-offs, even for spontaneous campaigns.
・Support data analysis, forecast creation, planning, procurement, and inventory management with the prompt and accurate provision of data master maintenance to achieve a stable supply of materials to maximize sales and profits for client companies.
・Formulate measures to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction across departments and teams.


・University degree.
・At least 10 years of experience in supply chain operations.
・Good knowledge of supply and demand planning and inventory management.
・Problem solving and crisis management skills.
・Strong leadership and 10+ years of management experience (20+ people).
・Ability to influence and negotiate with all levels of internal and external stakeholders with tenacity and flexibility.
・Strong written and verbal communication skills.
・Business level English skills.
・Understand and grasp the needs of the market and customers not only in the company but also in related businesses, and take prompt action.
・Guide market-leading strategies and provide direction to internal members.
・Ensure accountability in performance management by setting objective goals and managing performance.
・Set high, clear standards and motivate team members to take on higher goals.
・Achieve business growth and profit expansion while taking appropriate risks.
・Understand and manage the situation from planning to execution of services related to the supply chain.
・Take a prompt and appropriate approach to service deployment.
・Breaks down barriers between organizations and makes decisions based on overall optimization.
・Strategically collaborate with internal and external partners to build and strengthen cooperative systems.
・Build a work environment that empowers and supports team members to make
changes rather than accepting the status quo.
・Take the initiative to make improvements and enhancements focused on the market and customers in line with the strategy.
・Relationship and people leadership
・Build a diverse and engaging team that does quality work and improves the performance of team members.
・Proactively build relationships and strengthen trust within the team.
・Possess mental toughness and vitality as you will be working with clients and overseas

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