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17884 Presales Expert

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・Provide analysis of market data to support sales pitches
・Analyze customer business requirements to propose Product Intelligence Solutions.
・Assist Sales Team in qualifying prospects.
・Responsible for in-depth, pre-sales presentations of the PLM Solution suite.
・Configure the company’s Software solutions through product presentations and supporting materials.
・Produce written specifications (Use Case Documents, Solution Scope Documents)
highlighting product features and benefits / value-add to customers to capture business process requirements for proposed solutions.
・Prepare response documentation for RFI/RFP requests.
・Analyze requirements and design solutions to complex customer requirements and its pain
・Ensure clear understanding of customer’s technology requirements; provide support for
Proposal and Project teams, provide technical leadership and vision to win and deliver large-scale, complex solutions.
・Provide input into future solution functionality, implementation methodology and customization standards.
・Take part in marketing campaigns according to their understanding on markets and customer potential needs, ensure later on Sales pitches are aligned


・Strategic Thinking Skills : Pre-Sales Consultants call upon their strategic thinking skills to craft successful sales pitches for their sales team. They also use their strategic thinking skills when contributing to marketing strategy meetings.
・Analytical Skills: Analyze the market before a product or sales campaign launches. The data
they collect often makes or breaks a campaign, as it is used to craft a target customer for a
given product.
・Sales Skills: While Pre Sales Consultants may not be out in the field as much as their sales
team, it takes supreme sales skills to be able to craft a successful sales pitch. They also call
upon these sales skills when assisting in the lead qualification process.
・Collaborative Skills: Whether it is with the sales team or the marketing team, Pre Sales
Consultants are constantly collaborating. They use these skills when presenting their sales
pitches to other team members, as well as when participating in strategy meetings.

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