Message From the Managing Director

Thank you and we do appreciate your interest in our company. Since the inception of Apex K.K., we have been dedicated to assisting globally-based firms in Japan in their search for exceptional personnel. So often in our market-driven culture, we focus on the ‘products’ but forget that it is the ‘people’ who create market, and sell and promote goods and services. This is why our job to find the right person for the right opportunity is so important – and we take that responsibility seriously.

At Apex, our business is driven by the relationships we build with our clients as well as our candidates. Our approach does not just focus on how we can help clients/candidates in the short-term but how we can work together for years to come.

You will find that the consultant you meet is trustworthy, reliable, and conducive of a true recruitment professional. Matching requirements with resources is key, as our success is a reflection of your achievements. Please let us know how we can bring success to your company or career.

Brock Worbets
Brock Worbets

Managing Director

Apex delivers strong profile and highly skilled candidates that match the job description requirements. Their candidate know how, network and experience helped us to initiate contact and integrate the candidate into our company. We are very happy with the candidate selected by Apex. K.K. consulting service. Thank you for the professional recruitment consulting service throughout the selection and follow up. We really appreciated it and strongly recommend Apex.

APAC Head of Supply Chain

Global Healthcare Company