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Medimove is a specialized team mainly supporting sales professionals in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries in changing their career and help our clients find the best talent in Japan.  Our team provides a detailed and personalized service as well as valuable job change information to best support healthcare professionals in their career development.  Unlike other recruitment companies, we not only offer possible job opportunities but also provide career plans, ideas for skill development, and market information to help healthcare professionals achieve their career goals.

Areas of Coverage

  • MR (Medical Representatives)
  • Medical Device Sales
  • Sales Manager
  • Trainer
  • Agent Sales

“When I started to search for new opportunities, I was shown a lot of great information about different companies. It was great for me to have this information so I could better compare the various opportunities and companies. In my case, it took some time; however, Apex waited for my answer patiently and understood my situation. It really helped me a lot and finally, I felt confident in pursuing a new career opportunity through Apex.”

– Director, American Pharmaceutical Company

Our Team

Ouichi Taniguchi

Team Manager
  • MR
  • Sales
  • Training

Kenta Nakajima

Senior Associate
  • MR
  • Sales
  • Training

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