Finance & Accounting

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Our team specializes in supporting experienced Finance and Accounting professionals and clients across a variety of industries with a focus in Healthcare, Consulting, Consumer Goods, and IT. We help highly skilled finance and accounting professionals find the right opportunity for their career and partner closely with clients to finding highly skilled talent. Our expertise in finance and accounting covers areas such as financial planning, tax, auditing, accounting, and other areas in the sector.

Areas of Coverage

  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Finance Manager
  • Financial Planning and Analysis Manager/Director
  • Head of Finance
  • CFO
  • Accountant
  • Accounting Manager/Director
  • Internal Audit Manager
  • Financial Accountant
  • Business Planning and Analysis Manager
  • Controller
  • Tax Manager
  • Treasury Manager

“The Apex consultant I spoke to did not only introduce me to a job that matched my experience/qualifications, but also thought through whether it would be a good fit for me and provided additional information such as why the company was hiring, and how the working environment was; this information was collected utilizing their private network. As my consultant gave consideration to the appropriate fit for the candidate, I feel unequivocal trust to my agent compared to others. Therefore I feel that I can continue to trust in Apex and build a relationship even after my job change.”

– Senior Financial Analyst

Our Team

Brock Worbets

Managing Director

Claire Anderson


Gloria Ting

Senior Associate

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