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Employer Testimonials

APAC Head of Supply Chain at a Global Healthcare Company strongly recommends Apex after successful candidate introduction.
Finance & Administration Manager at Global Life Science Company hires 2 highly skilled candidates that match requirements and requests.
Head of HR at a American Medical Device Company quickly hires top Marketing Manager with the help of Apex.
Senior Vice President at a Global Life Science Company hires 4 employees with the help of Apex.
General Counsel at European Global Financial Institution in Japan fills vacancies with the right candidates thanks to Apex.

Job Seeker Testimonials

Business Unit Head makes the jump to President and CEO at a Global Medical Device company with Apex’s help.
Vice President at a Global Investment Bank lands dream career with the help of Apex.
Controller at European Manufacturing Company recommends Apex for anyone interested in changing their career.
Director at American Pharmaceutical Company over achieves with the help of Apex.
Accounting Manager at American IT Company receives unwavering support from Apex throughout the job change process.
Manager at Life Science & Diagnostics Company appreciates Apex’s industry knowledge and understanding of Japanese culture.
Senior Financial Analyst feels unequivocal trust to Apex agent and will continue building relationship even after job change.
President at European Medical Device Company is very glad Apex was able to think outside of the box and value career goals.
In-House Legal Counsel at a European Pharmaceutical Company says Apex recruiters are the best ever met.
Representative Director at European Medical Device Company has no regrets after taking the leap with Apex’s professional recommendation.
Analyst at American Investment Bank recommends Apex after switching from a Japanese Company to Foreign Company.

Apex delivers strong profile and highly skilled candidates that match the job description requirements. Their candidate know how, network and experience helped us to initiate contact and integrate the candidate into our company. We are very happy with the candidate selected by Apex. K.K. consulting service. Thank you for the professional recruitment consulting service throughout the selection and follow up. We really appreciated it and strongly recommend Apex.

APAC Head of Supply Chain

Global Healthcare Company

I herewith confirm that we have been in a business relationship in the past with Apex K.K. for over three years. We are very satisfied with their recruitment consulting services and they have introduced two good highly skilled candidates, who have integrated well into our company and we are very thankful to Apex for introducing them to us.We also appreciate the good and timely consulting support from the best consultant, especially their specific selection of good candidates according to our job description requirements and requests. Furthermore, we got some good background information and we feel that the candidate was well informed on our requirements as well. We also have had a good match of candidates in the past. As a result, I very much recommend using Apex K.K.’s consulting services.

Finance & Administration Manager

Global Life Science Company

Apex supported our recruitment needs when we were searching for a Marketing Manager. Because of Apex and especially the work of one of their great medical device consultants, we were able to complete the search quickly and with a top candidate. I would recommend Apex because of their commitment and their understanding of the Japan market.

Head of HR

American Medical Device Company

We have enjoyed a very strong and productive relationship with one of the best consultants and his team of associates at Apex. They take the time to understand our needs. Apex has now placed four associates at our company in Japan and all are producing effectively within the system. At this time, Apex is also engaged in further searches for our company, both in our Tokyo and Osaka offices. We expect favorable results with these searches within a very short period of time. Working with the team at Apex is always very helpful to our needs.

Senior Vice President

Global Life Science Company

The consultants with Apex are well-recognized recruitment professionals in Japan with particular strength in the areas of Legal and Compliance. In my capacity as General Counsel at a global financial institution in Japan, I have enjoyed working with them for a long time, and they have helped me fill vacancies with the right candidates. Their many years of in-depth experience, together with their integrity and prudent approach, make them ideal recruiters when you need to find a right candidate for a Legal/Compliance role. I know they are trusted by candidates too.

General Counsel

European Global Financial Institution in Japan

I strongly recommend Apex as a reliable and sincere agency that delivers results. I partnered with Apex when I was working for a large multinational corporation as a business unit head. When I started looking for opportunities outside of my company, they introduced me to many of their corporate clients. I went through several interviews with the companies the introduced to me. After some time, I was beginning to get discouraged however, they were constantly giving me the right advice and kept sending me new opportunities. As a result of their persistence, I was able to find a great position that was almost as if it were customized for my experiences and strengths.

CEO & President

Global Medical Device Company

I had the opportunities to talk with different headhunters from multiple agencies while searching for a new job, and I was convinced that the Apex consultant I worked with was by far the most supportive and talented. While I had no clue how to start since this was the first time for me to consider an alternative career, the Apex consultant worked closely to support my career move in a mid-and-long-term perspective from my standpoint. Of course, there were good times and bad times in the process of reaching the best opportunity, but she always gave me sincere advice to push me forward to continue searching until I could find an ideal job. Also, I learned from her what I should be as a working professional. It is not too much to say that I could not possibly have landed the career I dreamed of and become what I am now without Apex and the consultant. Also, I am really impressed to see how dedicated she is to keep providing her best support for the success in my career even after making a switch. I really find myself lucky to have the opportunity to work with Apex and the consultant. I strongly recommend Apex to those who consider a career move in the future.

Vice President

Global Investment Bank

Without a doubt, Apex is the most caring and professional recruitment agency. They screened all job leads meticulously to match with my career goals and I appreciated that they gave me tons of tips and recommendations that were tailored to me during the interview process. I definitely recommend Apex for anyone who is interested in changing their career. Again, I really find myself lucky to have worked so closely with Apex.


European Manufacturing Company

My Apex consultant really took the time to understand my situation and career goal and gave me meaningful advice. Other recruitment agencies only think of candidates as just “one of many” but my consultant made sure to give me a “one on one” consultation every time. Because of Apex, I was able to achieve more than my full ability.


American Pharmaceutical Company

Apex is a small agency, but the staff are very excellent. When I was contacted by Apex for the first time, to be honest, I thought that it was a typical scout mail. However, the consultants were very friendly and looked after me without giving up. The consultants also supported me with everything such as the companies’ information, the interview process, the application process and the final decision making. Overall, I am satisfied with Apex’s support. It was great to have one more consultant join the meetings so that we could share ideas. In my case, fortunately, I met 2 consultants and we could exchange ideas.

Accounting Manager

American IT Company

Apex understands the life sciences business well and knows up to date information about various new opportunities, they also have a great understanding of Japanese culture. Personally, the Apex consultant I met was polite, kind, and patient.


Life Science & Diagnostics Company

The Apex consultant I spoke to did not only introduce me to a job that matched my experience/qualifications, but also thought through whether it would be a good fit for me and provided additional information such as why the company was hiring, and how the working environment was; this information was collected utilizing his private network. As my consultant gave consideration to the appropriate fit for the candidate, I feel unequivocal trust to my agent compared to others. Therefore I feel that I can continue to trust in Apex and build a relationship even after my job change.

Senior Financial Analyst

I was very pleased with Apex’s approach to help me find an opportunity that aligns with my career goals and not stick too much to my past experiences. Even though my career was in the ingredient and OTC businesses, I was provided with a number of interesting opportunities in completely different fields like I had wanted. One of the opportunities worked out very well as the company was looking for people who were new to the industry and had a well rounded experience. I am very glad that Apex was able to think outside of the box and value my career goals rather than just looking at my experience.


European Medical Device Company

When I was looking for new positions my Apex consultant was recommended to me as being a good person to talk to. It was very comfortable to talk with them because they were very polite and tried to fulfill my wishes and demands and did not try to force me to apply to any position which did not meet my wishes. They were honest, clear and supported me through the whole interview process. Apex helped with the English interview and also gave me information about the company which was insightful. They are professional, supportive and also negotiated for me to get this opportunity. They are the best recruiters I have ever met. They responded to all of my requests which were very demanding.

In-House Legal Counsel

European Pharmaceutical Company

When I was looking for new positions Apex very seriously tried to understand my needs and I very much appreciated that. The position of Representative Director seemed really challenging for me at first but I have no regrets of taking that leap and choosing my current company. I really appreciated Apex’s professional recommendation, support and generous help. Please continue to pursue your mission to help people find their future.

Representative Director

European Medical Device Company

This was my first time searching for a new job, as well as my first time switching from a Japanese company to a foreign company. I did not know what to expect at first but the Apex consultant I dealt with was very kind and helpful in answering my questions and accommodating my requests. I sincerely appreciate all of the support I received from Apex. I was able to find an ideal position earlier than I had expected, and am greatly satisfied with it. Apex supported me until the end and through the difficult moments in the process. I would definitely recommend Apex to any of my acquaintances who are looking for a new opportunity!


American Investment Bank