FP&A Manager

Job Details

<Job duties>
・Assist the head of group FP&A to create an environment that supports an effective reporting, planning and consolidation solution at the company group level, including systems, but also definition of necessary principles, rules and processes.
・Assist the head of group FP&A to generate the FP&A data out of the systems, or through any appropriate mean that fits the specific requirements of data production, be it for actual data or for planning data.
・Assist the head of group FP&A to analyze the data, interact with business stakeholders, and challenge the results for the optimum benefit of the company

<First mission>
・Under the guidance of the head of group FP&A, the FP&A manager should contribute to define or collect the definitions of the fundamentals making the foundations of the reporting structure, including the basic concept of responsibility definition, the definition of the perimeter units and scope, the accounting principles guiding the definition of the accounts, etc
・He should also contribute to define or collect the definition of the specifications of the reporting system, so that it matches reporting expectations of the management. He should ensure a timely communication with all related parties of Controlling, Region Finance, Segments, Group Accounting etc… covering the entire group organization.
・He should finally contribute to design and structure the budgeting and forecasting process, including the definition of the tools to be used, the coordination with all stakeholders, and the design of the budgeting exercise schedule.

<Second mission>
The FP&A manager should support the head of Group FP&A to
・Execute the budget preparation, coordinate all preparation meetings with all relevant stakeholders, prepare consolidated reports and presentation material for top management.
・Oversee the Group management accounting consolidation process on monthly, quarterly and annual basis, including accuracy, timeliness, completeness and reconciliation with the financial accounting figures.
・Coordinate data production among relevant parties, segment, BUs, or shared service centres.

<Third mission>
The FP&A manager should support the head of Group FP&A to
・Conduct thorough periodic analysis on the Segment, BU performance, generating management insights on any applicable variances and providing challenge & support to the Business Unit leads in order to develop and facilitate steps for remediation.
・Provide input into key investment decisions, interpreting economic evaluations and commercial understand key investments and business propositions to provide robust recommendations.
・Build strong relationships within the business, in order to collaborate delivering high quality outputs and hold partner teams accountable for driving positive business results.
As a member of the Group Controlling, the FP&A manager may also be requested to contribute to various projects in this perimeter as need be.


<Financial Skills>
・Excellent FP&A experience, preferably in a consolidation node, or better at HQ.
・a very good experience of reporting systems, like Hyperion, Anaplan, etc…
・Has a good understanding of the accounting principles underlying any reporting system
・Has a very good experience of head office consolidation needs and constraints (Forex, Inter company eliminations, Consolidation Adjustments, Gap adjustments, Perimeter management, etc…

<Corporate Systems & Processes>
・Ability to develop global process solutions and roll them out
・Has experience in developing system tools and their roll out

<Business Skills>
・Has the ability to lead meetings and communicate with sensitivity to cultural differences.
・Exhibits strong organizational skills. Plans work and time effectively, meets deadlines and develops a good filing system with documents readily available.

・A Bachelor Degree in Finance and/or Accounting with multifunctional experience is preferred.

<Experience and Knowledge>
・This position requires an excellent ability to work in a very complex global environment, and a very structured mind to fit this complexity into transparent and clear frameworks.
・Has experience working in a matrix organization.
・Proficiency in Microsoft Office 365 (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)

<Additional Skills>
・Has the ability to work with individuals from all cultures.
・Excellent communication skills.
・Disciplined, hardworking individual, strong work ethic.
・Visionary / innovative in sustainable systems / procedures.
・Multi-customer experience (preferred).
・Ability to cooperate with people of at all levels and to interact with the team to reach team goals and business objectives.
・Ability to express information in a manner appropriate to different levels of people
・Ability to recognize, anticipate, and respond to customer expectations with a sense of urgency.
・Ability to take actions, make decisions and to generate ideas in a timely manner.

・English is a must, Japanese and/or Italian are very helpful

Job application

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