Head of Project Management Japan

Job Details


16681 Head of Project Management Japan


Entire R&D Japan/NEAH area

  • Drive the establishment of mid- to long-term project development strategies and business objectives in R&D Japan/NEAH (North East Asia Hub)
  • Lead and supervise Common Performance Indicators / KPIs / benchmarks management to improve performance efficiency in alignment with R&D Japan/NEAH mid-long-term strategy and objectives
  • Lead or facilitate building consensus around drug development & Lifecycle management (LCM) planning, budgeting, execution, and corresponding processes among groups in R&D Japan/NEAH organization, and also among groups for some specific areas.
  • Facilitate drug development activities and support regional project managers, project teams, functional managers and other relevant stakeholders to meet R&D Japan/NEAH targets
  • Implement global standards and coach/support R&D Japan/NEAH stakeholders in the area of budget planning, plan/actual control, project management, RDC governance and continuous learning development.
  • Optimize processes based on aforementioned global standards if necessary under agreement with global stakeholders
  • Lead or facilitate the implementation of global/regional strategic initiatives for improving processes, systems and relationships among internal and external stakeholders

Planning office related area

  • Lead and supervise the preparation of strategic and optimized R&D Japan/NEAH strategies and plans with resource and proposed costs as part of the “Book of Work”
  • Implement and/or facilitate improving R&D related information technology tools into R&D Japan/NEAH
  • Support China and northeast Asian countries with implementing global planning office standards and activities

Project Governance related area

  • Manage and organize Japan/NEAH-PDC (Program Development Committee) and J-PRM (Project Review Meetings) timely and efficiently
  • Ensure timely building of consensus on development strategies and plans for Japan/NEAH development projects and LCM projects among key R&D Japan/NEAH and MSJ stakeholders in order to receive endorsement for these smoothly from global governance committees

Portfolio & Project Management related area

  • Ensure reliability of MSJ product portfolio through Project Level Evaluations and also by supporting MSJ commercial related assessments
  • Develop, implement, and maintain project management methods, processes, tools, and information systems to facilitate project execution in harmonization with Global Project Management standards
  • Create a project management platform where project teams can share best practices/lessons learned
  • Develop and deliver training for Regional Project Managers and team members in collaboration with Global Project Management and local/global HR
  • Lead 1-2 individual programs as necessary based on resource needs

Continuous Learning Development related area

  • Guide and support functionally required training for R&D Japan/NEAH and Medical Department activities to meet both local regulatory requirements and corporate standard

R&D Coordination related area

  • Facilitate and support cross-functional and non-project operations in a timely and efficient manner for R&D Japan/NEAH
  • Ensure that the same project and management related information is shared among stakeholders in a timely manner by periodically distributing development charts, decision minutes/notices for project governance, project team members, cost center structure, R&D J/NEAH organization charts, etc.
  • Manage intra-net website for R&D Japan/NEAH to increase awareness regarding the R&D Japan/NEAH organization and roles & responsibilities
  • Manage inter-net website for R&D Japan/NEAH in MSJ to increase awareness of MSJ R&D activities outside the company
  • Coordinate the supply of research material upon request from researchers in Japan (only launched products in Japan


Work Expereicens

  • More than 10 years experience in drug research and development experience within the pharmaceutical industry, a medical institution or a clinical research organization
  • More than 5 years project leader/manager experience
  • Experience with NDA submissions and getting market authorization as a project leader
  • Comprehensive knowledge and experience of clinical development
  • Comprehensive knowledge of ICH/GCP, and MHLW regulatory requirements
  • Basic research experience for drug development and/or profiling is preferred


  • Master’s degree or above in natural sciences (e.g., Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Biology, Medical) with in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and processes of drug development areas




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