Job Details


18459 MSLマネージャー【オンコロジー領域】


1. KOL management
・KOL selection (including future KOLs) based on influence toward healthcare professionals
・Cultivate and maintain relationships with KOLs prior to product launch
・Provide scientific information and have a discussion with KOLs
・Provide accurate TA knowledge and scientific message to KOLs (non-product)
2. Coordinate Investigator Initiated Study (IIS) following new SOP (Contract-Based IIS)
・Get information of IIS plan with the products and may proceed further process.
・Support other departments in scientific point of view
・Provide scientific information
3. Internal medical training (e.g. MR, safety)
・Provide Medical Education program
4. Set up TA based scientific series meetings with external physicians (KOL, future KOL)
・Scientific series meeting in area level will be organized regularly
5. Coordination with global Clinical Science Manager (Medical Scientific Liaison) for
exchanging knowledge and close relationship for product maximization
・IIS information change, local medical practice and regulatory environment understanding, and also medical practice epidemiological comparison
6. Active participation and effective communication for product value maximization cross functionally
・Enhance sharing product target profile and protocol design and pricing strategy
・Gather insights from KOLs for product value maximization


・Must have an undergraduate degree in science or pharmacology
・Strong people management and team management skills
・Exhibits sound decision making and communication skills
・Masters in Science or PhD preferred
・Medical experience in pharmaceutical industry experience more than 3 years
・Affluent and accurate senses about pharmaceutical market
・Drive for Results
・Strong human relationship with people outside (especially wholesalers and KOL)
・High reputation among people inside and outside
・Correct expression of view as to right or wrong of things
・Well balanced decision making
・Clear recognition/discipline of performance


グローバルな研究開発型のバイオ医薬品企業で、現在世界約 75カ国以上で事業を展開しています。社員が柔軟かつ健康的な新しい働き方を実践できるよう様々な福利厚生プログラムや、ワークライフマネジメントをサポートする制度が整えられている優良企業です。

就業時間: 8:45~17:30 フレックス制: 有 (コアタイムなし/フレキシブルタイム 5:00~22:00)



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Apex delivers strong profile and highly skilled candidates that match the job description requirements. Their candidate know how, network and experience helped us to initiate contact and integrate the candidate into our company. We are very happy with the candidate selected by Apex. K.K. consulting service. Thank you for the professional recruitment consulting service throughout the selection and follow up. We really appreciated it and strongly recommend Apex.

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