Search Process

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Search Type: Contingency

  • Contingency is a type of search where an open position requisition is given to search firm(s) with an agreement to pay a fee if the position is filled.  There is no particular commitment on the part of the client company or the agencies.  It is often used for common roles at established companies.  In these situations where there are sufficient candidates who are qualified and would have interest in the position it can be an effective way to gather candidates.  When the role is unique and/or candidates may be scarce it often happens that the role stays open a long time and agencies stop focusing on the position. In these cases it is better to consider retained search.


Search Type: Retained

  • Retained search involves commitment on the part of the client company and agency to find and hire someone for the specified role.  Basically, Apex commits to provide search services and present candidates for consideration, manage the interview process and negotiate then close a final offer.  Client company commits to work exclusively with Apex, conduct interviews with selected candidates, provide timely feedback and to extend an offer in line with current market in Japan.
  • Apex will commit a team to the project who will focus their time on this search until completion. We will also provide comprehensive consulting on the conditions of senior candidates in your target industry area, compensation trends, attractiveness of your recruitment proposition and other HR-related issues pertinent to hiring in Japan.
  • Confidentiality will be maintained throughout the search at the level in accordance with our agreement and applicable privacy laws.
  • Because of the client’s commitment to us, we devote time and resources to completing the search as soon as possible. We provide certain milestones of success that are built into the contract.  You can be assured to have the chance to see the best candidates available in the market. Your time is valuable. Dealing with multiple agencies and a long search process can consume considerable time and energy. Let us help you by managing the whole process and getting the job done in a timely manner.



Candidate Identification, Screening and Introduction

  • Candidates will be identified through a comprehensive and systematic process of research and direct contacts designed to locate the most talented professionals available who are suitable for the position. Using information gathered in the research phase and our extensive network, we will contact prospective candidates to present this opportunity and determine their fit for the position based upon initially-agreed-upon criteria. We can also conduct reference checks on individuals if requested. All qualified candidates will be submitted to clients for resume screening and interview selection.


  • We will arrange meetings for all qualified candidates whether by phone, vidcon or face to face. We will communicate with candidates on feedback. We will also do our best to maintain candidate interest through the process and move selected candidates to final stages.

Offer and Acceptance

  • After selection of final candidate, we will advise on candidate’s expectations and best composition of compensation package. Considerations may be base to bonus ratio, housing and other allowances, stock options, etc.  We will negotiate a final agreement and work with the candidate through his resignation process at current company.  We will then follow through all the way to his onboarding and successful assumption of the position.