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Unlimited opportunities for success

Our passion for finding great talent extends to our internal hiring. We are always looking to bring on talented individuals who are passionate about building a successful career in recruitment. In addition to having one of the most substantial incentive programs in Japan, we also frequently host company trips and events, offer continuous training opportunities, provide a monthly self-development allowance, and much more!

Our company perks

  • Training & Development

    Training & Development

    ​We support our employees in their career progression; we focus on continuous learning and development, and have a detailed training orientation.
  • Open Atmosphere

    Open Atmosphere

    ​We operate in an open office environment which encourages teamwork, communication, and collaboration.
  • Events & Holidays

    Events & Holidays

    ​We enjoy weekly and quarterly celebrations, seasonal events, and extra annual holidays to appreciate everyone’s hard work and congratulate success.
  • Performance Incentives

    Performance Incentives

    We offer clearly defined promotional criteria, and unlimited earning potential.
  • Fruits & Beverages

    Fruits & Beverages

    We enjoy a lounge fully stocked with fruits, coffee, tea, and both alcoholic and non-alcholic beverages.
  • Specialized Functions

    Specialized Functions

    ​​We are specialized across 10 industries, so our consultants are experts in their fields of work.
  • Diverse Workplace

    Diverse Workplace

    ​We encourage diversity in the workplace; our office has representatives from over 15 different nationalities and is approximately 50% women.
  • Self-Development


    ​We want our employees to be at their best, physically and mentally, so we provide support for self-development outside of the workplace.

Meet our talented Apex team

  • Curtis Jordan

    Curtis Jordan

    Director "​Apex is a place where driven, entrepreneurial professionals can come and be successful and experience fast career growth." More about Curtis
  • Ryota Tamura

    Ryota Tamura

    Consultant "At Apex, we have the opportunity to work with some of the world’s most innovative companies. If there’s a company you are interested in working with, you can develop your own strategy to build that client relationship. Having that type of freedom in the workplace is really empowering. More about Ryota
  • Nagisa Kawai

    Nagisa Kawai

    Senior Associate "I think working for Apex, at this moment, is a very special opportunity because we are experiencing such tremendous growth. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t feel the excitement and challenges of this job. I am really glad to be part of it." More about Nagisa
  • Claire Anderson

    Claire Anderson

    Manager ​"One of the best parts about working at Apex is that you are given all of the tools for success through great leadership and training. From there, you can build your own network of professionals and directly drive your business forward. If you are really motivated to develop your career, ther... More about Claire

Get to know all of the employees behind our success.

Meet the Team


Hear from our employees

  • Meet Nanami

    ​"Apex has great team spirit that offers a base from which your team members have your back at all times while you can truly push yourself to the limit. This directly leads not only to yours but also to the whole company's success as a whole."

    Nanami Yano, Consultant Meet Nanami
  • Meet Kimiko

    "Being part of Apex's rapid growth as a member of the Operations team has been a great experience. If you value teamwork and are looking to work in an international fast-paced environment, we are the right place for you!"

    Kimiko Kishine, Talent Acquisition Meet Kimiko
  • Meet Kyohei

    "Communicating with senior professionals from the top global companies inspires me to work my hardest. On the other hand, when we are off from work, we can take a good rest and restore our energy, which allows me to have a good work-life balance."

    Kyohei Kato, Manager Meet Kyohei
  • Meet Jorge

    "Working with Apex is a life-changing experience, both personally and professionally. Everyday we get the chance to develop our skills, challenge ourselves, learn from the best in the industry, and develop long-lasting friendships with our team and colleagues."

    Jorge Escobedo, Manager Meet Jorge

Career opportunities at Apex

    • スカウトチームリーダー《英語が飛び交うグローバルな環境!》

    • Tokyo

    • 応相談

    • ​<職務内容> 創立より1年を迎え勢いのあるスカウト専門チームのリーダーポジションです!社内での存在感を増す当チームにおいて、円滑なチーム運営やチームのパフォーマンス向上のため、リーダーとしてチ...

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    • セールス《英語が飛び交うグローバルな環境!》

    • Tokyo

    • 応相談

    • ​<職務概要> ※※中間管理職~経営幹部として活躍するハイクラス人材が外資系企業や日系グローバル企業へ転職する際のサポートをしていただくお仕事です。日々の業務において英語を使用いただく機会も多く...

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    • コーディネーター《英語力を活かしてチームの成長に貢献!グローバルな環境》

    • Tokyo

    • 応相談

    • ​<職務概要> ※※ディレクター及びマネージャーのもと、転職希望者への案件紹介やクライアント企業との面接日時調整など、多面的なサポートを行って頂く配属チームの縁の下の力持ち的存在です。将来的には...

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    • 総務スタッフ《英語力を活かして会社全体をサポート!グローバルな環境》

    • Tokyo

    • 応相談

    • ​<職務内容> バックオフィスのスペシャリストとして会社全体を支える、縁の下の力持ち的ポジションです。採用、人事、経理、総務など多岐に渡るサポート業務をお任せします。所属いただくチームはフレンド...

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    • 人事スタッフ 〔人材育成〕《英語を活かして組織開発にチャレンジ!》

    • Tokyo

    • 応相談

    • ​<職務概要> 人材育成担当として、下記業務をお任せいたします。トレーニングマネージャーと密にコミュニケーションを取りながら進めるので、未経験の方も安心してスタートいただけます。 【業務内容】 ...

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