Impersonation Fraud Advisory

Beware of Fraudulent Communications

We wish to inform our candidates and client partners about deceptive communications circulating primarily on WhatsApp. These messages falsely claim to represent Apex (Apex K.K.) or Apex consultants.

Our Commitment to Data Security

At Apex, we uphold the highest standards in data protection. Confidential information, including personnel data, is safeguarded with utmost care. Unauthorized disclosure is strictly prohibited. Should any instances of fraud be detected, we pledge a meticulous and swift investigation.

Guidance on Suspicious Communications

  • Vigilance: Be cautious of emails or messages from unfamiliar sources, especially those requesting personal or confidential details, or directing you to suspicious links or unsolicited offers.

  • Sensitive Information: Be particularly wary of communications asking for sensitive information from your My Number Card, credit cards, bank accounts, and other personal identifiers.

  • Immediate Action: If you encounter suspicious communications, it's crucial to remove and block the sender from the respective platform at once.

  • No Monetary Requests: We would like to emphasize that Apex will never solicit money from individuals seeking employment through our services.

Verifying Email Authenticity

If you're presented with questionable communications purporting to be from Apex or our consultants, do not hesitate to contact us.

For verification and assistance:

Phone: 03-5860-2771


Contact Us for More Information

Your trust is our priority. For further queries or to report suspicious activities, please use the contact details provided.

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