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    • リーガルカウンセル~マネージャー

    • Tokyo

    • 1,300万円~2,000万円

    • ​<職務概要> 1. 事業開発のサポート。新規開発業務やビジネスイニシアチブをサポートする。オペレーショナルリスクと関連する取り組みや実行の検討と助言 2. ビジネス契約の管理。会社のあらゆる種...

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    • AML/CFTシニアコンプライアンスアナリスト

    • Tokyo

    • 応相談

    • ​<職務概要> ※※グローバルおよびローカル規制のコンプライアンス要件、および同社のポリシーと手続きに沿って、日本におけるエンドツーエンドの金融犯罪コンプライアンス(AML/CFT、制裁、腐敗防...

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    • インハウス弁護士★在宅勤務OK!★

    • Tokyo

    • 1,000万円~1,500万円

    • ​<職務概要> ※※トランザクションマネジメントグループに所属し、インハウスロイヤーとして各種ファイナンス案件のリーガルアドバイスをご担当いただきます。※※ 【主な業務】 ・不動産関連ファイナン...

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    • 内部監査マネージャー(マネージャー~部長)

    • Tokyo

    • ~1,400万円

    • ​<職務概要> ※※内部監査部マネージャーとして、主に海外拠点管理、内部統制(US-SOX)対応、監査等委員会事務局を担当いただきます。また、知識やご経験を考慮の上で特定のリスクをご担当頂き、当...

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    • コンプライアンスマネージャー

    • Tokyo

    • 1,300万円~1,700万円

    • ​<職務概要> ・金融庁、金融商品取引所、JIAA、T2fifa、東京都への届出 ・コーポレート・セクレタリーのサポートによる定期取締役会および株主総会の手配 ・法人登記簿の変更に関する法務局へ...

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    • コンプライアンス部長候補

    • Tokyo

    • 応相談

    • <職務概要> 【業務詳細】 ・コンプライアンス委員会運営(年2回) ・コンプライアンス・プログラムの策定、遂行状況の確認等 ・監督当局対応・届出の統括 ・顧客・取引先属性チェック業務統括 ・AM...

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    • コンプライアンス部門【アンチマネーロンダリング・ホールセールコンプライアンス業務・売買管理業務】

    • Tokyo

    • ~2,000万円

    • ​<職務内容> 【該当部署】 ・コンプライアンス統括部 【業務】 ・アンチマネーロンダリング・ホールセールコンプライアンス業務・売買管理業務 <応募要件> 【必須要件】 ・コンプライアンス経験 ...

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    • ファンドマネージャー

    • Tokyo

    • ~1,400万円

    • ​<職務概要> ・企業調査含むポートフォリオマネジメント ・同社内のエコノミスト、アナリストとの定期的なミーティングの実施 ・調査分析を踏まえたファンドの運用方針の策定、ポートフォリオの組み換え...

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    • FXディーラー(スタッフ~マネージャーレベル)

    • Tokyo

    • 応相談

    • ​<職務概要> ・外国為替に関する調査・分析業務 ・実際の為替取引となるディーリング業務 ・スワップ等のデリバティブ商品のマーケットメイク ・各種リスク管理業務 ・数年の実務を経て、将来的には若...

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    • 外国債券運用担当者(スタッフ~マネージャーレベル)

    • Tokyo

    • 応相談

    • ​<職務概要> 外国債券ファンド運用における実務をご担当いただきます。 ・経済市場、企業クレジット等の分析 ・債券投資方針策定 ・運用経過、リスク管理、ポートフォリオ管理 ・債券や為替の発注業務...

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    • シニアリーガルカウンセル★在宅勤務OK!★

    • Tokyo

    • 1,500万円~2,500万円

    • ​<職務内容> ※※約7名から成るリーガルチームに所属し、日本におけるあらゆる種類の法律問題を扱い、地域やグローバルの法務担当者、その他のサポート部門と協力しながらビジネスユニットや経営陣に法的...

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    • リーガルカウンセル

    • Tokyo

    • 1,500万円~2,000万円

    • ​<職務概要> ・日本の法務に関してグループに影響を与える法務事項。 ・同社内で日々行われるすべての法務業務の監督。 ・エクイティ セールス&トレーディングチームおよびインベストメントバンキング...

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Job change service flow

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    Step 1. Register for complimentary job change support services

    ※You can register by filling out the job change support form. (Registration is free of charge and 100% confidential)

  • 02

    Step 2. Your career consultant will contact you to start the process

    ​※Please be advised that job availability may dictate whether we will be able to provide job change support services.

  • 03

    Step 3. Career consultation with your consultant

    ​※You will confirm your career goals and ideal working requirements.

  • 04

    Step 4. Learn about job opportunities

    ※You will learn about the most suitable job opportunities based on your career goals and working requirements​

  • 05

    Step 5. Apply for jobs

    ※We will introduce your profile to the companies you have expressed interest in.​

  • 06

    Step 6. Screening & interview

    ※​We will prepare you for English and Japanese interviews to increase your chances of success.

  • 07

    Step 7. Offer and onboarding

    ​※We can negotiate your salary and working conditions at the time of job offer. You will then be prepared to gracefully offboard and onboard while transitioning between employers.

Frequently asked questions

Questions related to the registration for job change support services

Q1. Is there a service fee?

A. Please be assured that all job change support services are provided by Apex are free of charge.

Q2. Can I register by phone?

A. We kindly ask that you register for Apex's job change support services by filling out the registration form on the website. For other inquiries, please submit your questions using the form on the Contact Us page.

Q3. Do I need to upload my CV when registering?

A. We ask that you upload your CV when registering so we can introduce the most suitable jobs that match your career background. If you do not have a CV, please provide us with a brief career history in the "Inquiry" section.

Q4. Is it okay to register for job change support services even though I'm not actively considering changing jobs?

A. Yes, many professionals register for job change support services to discuss their career path or to gain information about job opportunities. With the help of Apex, you may discover new companies or possibilities you didn't expect, which helps to expand your future options and knowledge of the market.

Q5. Is it possible for my current employer to find out about my registration?

A. No, your personal information is secure and we will not provide it to any third party without your permission. Also, please be assured that we will not inform any companies of your intention to apply for a job without your consent.

Q6. Is there a referral program that offers rewards?

A. Yes, you and your referral will both get a ¥100,000 Amazon gift card when they find a new job through Apex's Refer a Friend Program. For details, please refer to our Refer a Friend Program.

Q7. How do you manage my personal information?

A. Apex is sincerely committed to the proper handling, management, and maintenance of personal information. For details, please refer to Apex's Privacy Policy.

Q8. How can I terminate the use of the Apex's services?

A. Please contact your consultant or email ( to inform us that you wish to terminate the use of our services. We will promptly respond to your request in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Questions related to job change support services

Q1. What are job change support services?

A. This service refers to the support by a career consultant for your job change, from career consultation, providing job information, interview coordination and preparation, to back-up services at the time of getting an offer/joining the new company. This service is available for candidates that have registered with Apex.

Q2. Is is possible to choose my consultant?

A. We kindly ask that you register for Apex's job change support services by filling out the registration form on the website. For other inquiries, please submit your questions using the form on the Contact Us page.

Q3. Could you tell me more about the career consultation?

A. First, please let us know about your experience, career history, goals, as well as your reasons for changing jobs. Based on this information, we will make suggestions that will help you with the development of your career. If you wish, we can also introduce job opportunities at this time. After the career consultation, we will contact you with new market information and job opportunities that match your needs.

Q4. Is it okay to have the career consultation online?

A. Yes, we offer both online and offline career consultations.

Q5. When can I schedule a career consultation?

A. We can meet immediately following your registration. The consultation will take about an hour of your time between 9:00 and 19:00 on weekdays. If these times are not convenient for you, we would be happy to accommodate your schedule, so please contact us to discuss availability.

Q6. Is it okay if I do not apply to the jobs that are introduced to me?

A. Of course, there is no pressure to apply. If you feel that the job proposals are not right for you, we encourage you to share your feedback so we can provide better recommendations in the future.

Q7. Will Apex coordinate and schedule job interviews for me?

A. Yes, Apex will work with you and the companies to coordinate and schedule all job interviews. Simply let your consultant know your availability and preferences.

Q8. I am not confident creating an English CV. What should I do?

A. All Japanese Apex consultants are bilingual with business-level English or higher. We will provide you with a template, detailed instructions, and personalized support to prepare an impressive CV in English.

Q9. I am not confident interviewing in English. What should I do?

A. All Japanese Apex consultants are bilingual with business-level English or higher. Your consultant will help you prepare for every step of the job change process to increase your chances of success, from sharing information about the interviewers, identifying expected questions, conducting mock interviews in English, and providing feedback after the interviews.

Q10. If I'm rejected by an employer, can I receive feedback to understand why?

A. Apex consultants work closely with HR and hiring managers at each company, so if you are unfortunately rejected, we can provide feedback on the reasons why you were not able to pass the interview process and how to proceed.

Q11. If I get a job offer, can I leave the negotiation of salary and working conditions to my consultant?

A. Yes, you can. We will negotiate your annual salary, start date, and other contractual conditions on your behalf. We also provide offboarding and onboarding support while transitioning between employers.

Successful job change case studies

  • Candidate profile

    35 Female

    Banking & Financial Services Company

  • Case summary

    ​Successful job change to a global bank in Japan in a Third-Party Sales role that operates under fewer regulations than previous employer.

  • Consultation requests

    ​​​​• I want more freedom to perform at my next company

    • I want to join a team that is expanding and looking to grow the business

    Before job change

    Equity Derivative Sales

    After job change

    Third-Party Sales

  • Candidate profile

    35 Male

    Banking & Financial Services Company

  • Case summary

    ​Successful job change to global investment bank in Japan as a Fund Marketer with a larger client network and more responsibility as desired.

  • Consultation requests

    ​​​​• I want higher compensation

    • I want better client coverage

    • I want more responsibility

    Before job change

    Regional Sales

    After job change

    Fund Marketer

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