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Is Accepting A Less Senior Title A Good Career Move?

When considering a job change, almost all of us want to move to a position that reflects growth and progression in our career. Therefore, when you receive a job offer that has a title less senior than your current title, it might be tempting to immediately reject it. However, although a title lower in seniority might seem like a step backwards, it is not always the case. Here are a few reasons not to immediately disregard the opportunity.


If the role provides room to grow and move up farther than your current position, it could be a good career move. It is better to be continually moving up in your career than remaining in the same position for years without any progression. If you have hit the ceiling and are not being challenged to meet your potential, it might be time to look elsewhere, even if that means accepting a lower title.


Moving from managing a small business size to a large business size is often a good career move, even if the title is lower in seniority. Being responsible for larger amounts of money shows the importance of the role in the organization and the level of trust and value that the company places on the individual. For example, a Senior Manager position responsible for relatively small sales targets is not necessarily better than a Junior Manager position with substantially larger sales targets. In this case, the junior position managing a larger business would be considered a good career change for a senior manager in a small business as it reflects a good career progression. In terms of career progression, managing a bigger business size is typically a good career move.


Does the new role have increased management responsibilities? If so, the lower title might not make a difference. Moving from a senior position managing 5 people, to a more junior position managing 40 people is a career step up. This provides a skill set that a position managing 5 people will not have. Also, managing a higher number of people reflects the amount of responsibility the role has, and moving into a position with more responsibility is typically a move in the right direction.


The overall responsibilities of a position speak a lot to how much of a career step up it would be. Similar to managing more people and managing a larger business size, more responsibility reflects the weight and importance of the position. Companies tend to give their top performers the highest responsibility, therefore demonstrating the level of potential they see in these individuals.

When assessing whether or not the job offer is a good career move, taking into consideration the whole package from growth potential, to business size, management, and responsibilities is very important. The level of seniority in the title is not always a telltale sign of good career progression.

Key Takeaways:

  • A lower title job opportunity may be worth considering in your job changing process.

  • There is more growth potential in lower title job opportunities. You will be able to progress further in your career for years to come.

  • You will have more responsibility managing a bigger business and more more people. More responsibility reflects well on your career.

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