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What To Expect When You Meet With A Recruiter

Meeting with a recruiter for the first time can be a little nerve-racking as with any unknown situation. As such, we would like to address your concerns and give you a clear understanding of what to expect when having a confidential consultation with a recruitment consultant. 

To begin, think of your meeting as a career consultation. The meeting is a confidential conversation to discuss your experience and career goals in order to make recommendations for your career development. Your future goals and career preferences are always the priority when the recruiter is supporting you.

The meeting structure:

  • Greetings and introductions

  • Explanation of your experience and career history

  • Discussion of your career goals and plans for the future

  • Recommendations and review current opportunities if interested

The purpose of the confidential consultation is to learn more about you and what you’re looking for. With a good understanding of your career history and your future plans, the recruiter can provide accurate recommendations and advice on current and future opportunities. For active job seekers, you can get professional advice and recommendations on open opportunities in your industry.

If you’re not looking to change jobs anytime soon, building a relationship now will make the process easier when the time for your next career change is right. As such, having an initial meeting to learn more about your career plans is recommended. After the meeting it is a good idea to keep in touch so you can be notified when future job opportunities that align with your career goals arise.

To provide more clarity on what to expect when meeting with a recruitment consultant, here are a few frequently asked questions and our responses. 


Q: I am happy at my current job, why should I meet with a recruiter?

That’s great that you’re satisfied with your current place of work! Just in case things change in the future, it is good to meet now and build a long term relationship so you can receive support when the time is right. The meeting is also completely confidential so if you’re just exploring your options it will be kept private.

Q: Why should I apply for a job through a recruitment service and not on my own?

Applying for a job on your own is great but you would not have as much support through the process. After meeting with a recruiter, you will be supported through the entire job change process from the initial resume send, through the interview process, to negotiating and signing the offer letter and beyond. The support provided will help make sure you avoid common mistakes job seekers make. Additionally, some companies work specifically with a recruitment service, so if you were applying on your own, you would not hear about those opportunities.

Q: I just want to hear about opportunities and don’t want to send my resume.

That is completely fine! We will never send a resume without previous confirmation. We are happy to have a confidential consultation to discuss opportunities and give you the time you need to make a decision on job change.


  • The purpose of the confidential meeting is to discuss your experience and future goals in order to build a long-term relationship and act as a support through your career

  • You will be supported and receive tailored career advice and recommendations

  • Chance for you to collect information on industry trends and current job openings

  • Even if you’re happy in your current position, it can still be beneficial to meet with a recruiter

  • It is fully confidential with no obligation to apply for positions

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