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TELL Tokyo Tower Climb 2019

On September 8th, 2019, 500 participants “took a step” to remove stigmas around mental health by climbing the Tokyo Tower. This was Team Apex's third consecutive year participating in the event, and we are overjoyed to see it grow bigger each year. Tokyo Tower Climb 2019 was special for Team Apex. Not only did we send a record 16 participants, we also got first place for having the fastest time up the Tokyo Tower in the Corporate Cup race. While the accolades are great, what really matters is that we hit our goal of raising $1,000 to support TELL and suicide prevention! We want to give a special thanks to all those who donated. This event would not be possible without your generous contributions. 


There she is. Beautiful, yet daunting. 600 steps of pain.

"I didn't train at all, so I was really nervous before the race started! It ended up being so fun and I encourage everyone to try it at least once."


"Go Apex!" cheer helps the team get pumped up for the big climb!


A few instructions before we can start. Jorge is in the zone and it appears Ryan already ran?


And...the climbers are off! Only 591 steps to go.

"My legs started burning halfway up but the volunteers cheering helped to keep me going."


The climbers are all smiles after a challenging, but fun and fulfilling experience.


Team Apex is your 2019 Corporate Cup champions! Team 1 completed the climb with an average time of 4:02. Great job, gentlemen!

"Running up and down the stairs at the office actually paid off!"

"The event was coordinated and organized very well.  The TELL team did a great job and I'm looking forward to seeing the event grow even bigger next year."

Thank you to TELL and all of the sponsors. The event was a huge success.


We hope to see you next year!

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