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Apex Yakatabune Party 2024

​On a warm summer evening in July, Apex held its annual Yakatabune cruise. This event, a tradition since 2014, has become an integral part of our company culture.

Departing from the docks near Ginza and Tsukiji, 100 Apex team members set off for an enjoyable night. The cool breeze provided a welcome break from the day's heat, setting the stage for a memorable evening.

The boat quickly filled with conversation as colleagues caught up over drinks and tempura. The traditional Edo-mae cuisine provided a relaxed atmosphere, allowing team members to connect outside the usual work environment.

As we sailed, Tokyo's landmarks provided a beautiful backdrop. The Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Skytree, and Tokyo Tower stood out against the night sky.

Our karaoke session, a highlight of every Yakatabune party, featured a mix of Western and Japanese songs. The performances revealed sides of our colleagues rarely seen in the office.

Thanh, an intern from Michigan, shared his experience:

"For many employees at Apex, the Yakatabune was a celebration of finishing another quarter. For me, this event was celebrating the halfway mark of my internship and all the projects I had accomplished so far. Despite living in Michigan and being near the Great Lakes, I did not know what to expect from this event. So having dinner on the Yakatabune was such a memorable experience for me from enjoying the scenic view of Tokyo to butchering "Set Fire to the Rain" during karaoke. With each passing meal and conversation with my coworkers, I felt truly relaxed and enjoyed my evening on the waters."

As we celebrated our quarter's accomplishments, there was a sense of shared purpose and excitement for the future. At Apex, we see these celebrations as an essential part of our success, fostering a positive atmosphere that extends to our daily work.

Our philosophy is straightforward: Work hard, play hard. This approach keeps our team motivated and engaged, reminding us that success is best when shared with colleagues.

With the Yakatabune cruise behind us, we're now looking forward to our annual company trip – another opportunity to strengthen bonds and create new memories.

At Apex, we're always looking for professionals who share our passion for both work and life. Perhaps next year, you could be joining us for these memorable experiences.

We believe a great career involves more than just professional achievements – it's about enjoying the journey. At Apex, we strive to create a work environment that's both productive and fulfilling.

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