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10 Years of Helping Candidates and Clients Achieve Professional Success

​September 1st marks the 10 year anniversary of Apex K.K., an executive search firm located in Tokyo. How has Apex been able to sustain prolonged success in a highly competitive market?

By committing to the company core values: Communication, teamwork, commitment, integrity, adaptability, and people—from day one with 5 employees, to day 3,650 with 70 employees. Of course, the growth and success wouldn’t have been possible without every candidate, client, and employee  along the way. For that, we thank you.

 Apex Employees

Apex was founded in 2010 by 5 experienced executive recruiters who focused on the healthcare industry, specifically in the Pharmaceutical, Science & Technology, and Medical Device industries. We’ve since grown to 70 employees and 9 industries, attracting top talent from all across the world. Apex employees now span 10 nationalities with equal representation from men and women. Our employee commitment stems from equal opportunities to succeed and a generous reward structure for all achievements. It’s no secret that building a successful company and culture starts from the top-down. In that regard, Apex is fortunate to be led by the same group of founders who started the company back in 2010. Apex employees, for all of your hard work and commitment to success, we thank you.


With so many executive search and recruitment firms in Tokyo alone, we are truly grateful to those of you who choose to entrust your career with us. Changing careers is a big decision that only happens several times in one's life, which is why it’s such an honor to help you achieve professional success and find a fulfilling career. Apex consultants strive to create genuine connections with candidates, with many going on to forge strong friendships because of the unwavering support, integrity, and kindness exemplified while partnering together. Whether you were the first ever candidate met back in 2010, or a candidate that is interested in scheduling your first career consultation today, rest assured, Apex will always serve you with respect and professionalism. Over 100,000 candidates have built relationships with Apex consultants in the past 10 years. Each and every one of you are the reason we come to work every day. Candidates, for entrusting us with your careers, we thank you.


Whether a publicly traded corporation or a start-up looking to expand into the Japan market, we have always devoted the maximum amount of time and resources to finding the right candidate for your business. The close-knit partnerships we’ve developed over the past 10 years to accomplish a common goal have been remarkable. Additionally, the stories from successfully placed candidates and hiring managers is inspiring, and motivates our staff to continue finding the best talent in the world to help your businesses prosper. It’s been a pleasure growing in unison with you. Clients, for the opportunity to grow and succeed together, we thank you.

 As Apex takes a moment to celebrate its 10th anniversary, we proudly look back on all of the amazing accomplishments, hard work, and sacrifices it took to get here. Assuredly, we will celebrate this great milestone, but as we look towards the future, we are optimistic and confident that the next 10 years will bring even greater growth and success to our candidates, our clients, and for Apex. 

 10 Year Anniversary Video

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