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Have You Spoken To Your Family About a Job Change?

When considering changing careers, job seekers often keep the thought to themselves. After all, why tell anyone if you are not even sure you will change positions?  Maybe you are happy in your current job but are open to hearing about new opportunities, just in case a great one comes along. However, at what point would you tell your family? We suggest the sooner the better.


Do you know how open your partner is to change? Changing jobs is an important life decision, so naturally you would consult with your family at some point in the process, but do not assume they will be happy to learn about your intended plans only after you receive a job offer. It could come as quite a shock if they did not know this was something you were considering. Discussing your plan with your family from the beginning will give them time to adjust to the idea of change without springing it on them at the last minute.


Consulting your family early on in the job application process is highly recommended as many issues and disagreements can arise from such a decision. It is best to discover these issues and disagreements early on so that you have enough time to sort them out before you receive an offer. As well, consulting your family early in the process will help ensure you do not waste time or resources applying for a job that your family will refuse to let you take. Speaking with your family right away gives you and your family the chance to consider your job change thoroughly without the pressure of a looming job offer.  

Next time you begin meeting with other companies, you may want to consider speaking with your family early on.

Key Takeaways:

  • Deciding to change jobs affects more than just yourself. It also affects your family so the sooner you tell them, the better.

  • Discuss your job changing plan with your family and give them time to adjust.

  • Speaking with your family early on in the job changing process will allow them to communicate with you any worries or hesitations they have about it.

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