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4 Signs Its Time to Change Your Job

When is the last time you reflected on your career? Are you currently on a path that is aligned with your career goals? If you're not so sure, below are 4 signs it might be time to change your job.


A clear sign that it’s time for a career change is you’ve begun to lose interest in your work. Working in a constant state of boredom or disinterest is energy draining. If you’re not invested in your work at all and don’t care about what you’re doing, it is pretty clear a change is necessary.

Working in a role and a company that is the right fit has a big impact on overall happiness. If you’re not interested in your work anymore, it may be time you look somewhere else.

Pro Tip: Identifying which category of motivation you fall in, can help you understand why you are feeling unmotivated or unsatisfied at work. 


Do you want more responsibility but there are no opportunities to advance? If so, you've hit a growth ceilingThis could be either there is no new knowledge, skills, or experience you can learn from your current situation, or you are working in a role that has hit a ceiling in growth potential. Having some aspect of challenge in your work makes it more complex, interesting, and more fulfilling.

It is beneficial to reflect on your current situation to determine whether it is providing you the opportunity to meet your potential and be challenged. If you continuously get passed over for promotion this is also a clear sign that your company may not see your full potential. 


People go through different life stages; when you are young, single and healthy, you can choose to do anything you want and whenever you can.   However, what happens if you get married and have to support your family but your income is too low?  If you have a back problem but have to run around the city as a sales person?  If you have kids but can never meet them because your work hours are too long?  What happens if you need to assist your old parents but you have no holidays nor remote-work options and can rarely see them?  Sometimes it may be necessary to adjust your career along with your changing life style whether that be a shift in position as the line of work does not suit your lifestyle anymore, or simply changing companies to one that offers different benefits to suit your needs.  This is where speaking with a recruitment consultant can be helpful, as they have an understanding of what benefits are realistic and companies/opportunities that may suit your lifestyle. If your life stage changes and you feel your job is not a right fit, it might be time to look for different options.


If you’re looking to move into a leadership role, the presence of a leadership training program can have a big impact in your success and effectiveness as a leader within the company. Leadership and good management is not a trait that people are born with, it is a skill that must be developed. As such, the presence of an effective leadership training program or management program can do wonders on a future career in people management. If you have people management as a career goal, looking into what support your company offers and how the current leaders at the company moved into a leadership position.


  • If you’re not interested in your work anymore, it may be time you look somewhere else.

  • Getting passed over for promotion over and over may mean you hit a growth ceiling.

  • Aligning your work with your lifestyle is key to a balanced and successful career.

  • The presence of leadership training program is a sign a company values it's staff. Does your company have one?

If you are considering career change, contact us for a confidential career consultation.

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