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3 Reasons Why You Can Change Careers Successfully During a Recession

​If you are considering a major decision like a career move, the new coronavirus outbreak may have made your planning ahead difficult. Although a host of companies have been forced to change their recruiting process such as shift to online job interviews, they have never been hesitant about pushing their hiring plans. Here are the three reasons why you can find your ideal job even during recession, and our recruiter gives you the tips on how to make it happen.​

Accelerate mid-career recruitment while narrowing new-grads opportunities

A recent survey conducted by Yomiuri Shimbun and Nippon Television Network Corp.on major 100 companies in Japan shows their scaled-back employment plans for the prospective new-grads due to start their careers in the spring of 2021.Only 9 companies answered they would increase the new-grads hiring, while 29 firms said they would reduce the number compared to the previous year-almost twice the 15 businesses said that in the 2019 survey. 

On the other hand,31 companies answered they would ramp up their mid-career recruitment, 24 said maintain the status quo, 45 replied undetermined or others, while no firms intend to drop the number. 

The survey highlighted that the Japanese firms have been proactively engaging in the recruitment activities even during the economic downturn, considering the decrease in Japan’s working-age population. The recent fast-paced innovations in technology in various fields have also accelerated the tendency to a surge in the mid-career recruitment due to the demand to find more qualified candidates. 

Furthermore, job-seekers can take into account the possibility of finding job offers from the companies that have normally focused on the new-grads employment. 

Businesses in good standing keep hiring

Companies that keep their recruiting activities going even during the economic havoc have common strengths: Potent business structure that can be adaptable to economic crisis, essential function that needs to maintain social foundation, or good business prospects that lead to more hiring of skilled talents. The turbulence like COVID-19 spread can sometimes give you opportunities to encounter a new job in these businesses with great potential, so to embrace the change is essential for your success. 

Additionally, businesses in sustainable industries like IT or healthcare have actively continued hiring new talents amid the coronavirus pandemic, thus the job seekers hunting for vacancies in the fields need to look for opportunities constantly. 

Moderate competition in specific functions

You may think that it would normally become competitive in the job market during a recession due to a surge of the unemployed. Indeed, you have a better chance to see the applicants would outnumber the vacancies in most fields. However, it is not necessarily true that more candidates with skills or certifications employers are looking for would join the job market. 

Concerned about the unforeseeable future in most businesses, those wishing for a career change are likely to hesitate to make a shift during an economic crisis, which results in the decrease in the number of job-seekers with the desired skill sets to fill the chronic vacancies. Mid to senior management level positions, professional roles such as accounting, HR, or legal, IT engineers, or consultant positions are less likely to be affected by an economic collapse. 

In the face of expected economic deterioration in multiple industries, the number of those who start thinking about switching careers are projected to rise, which will intensify the competition in the job market once the upheaval has been settled to some extent. Therefore, job-seekers are recommended to dive into the job search process as quickly as possible while carefully watching how the industry is changing. 

Tips for your successful career change

First and foremost, please prepare well in advance and do not make a hasty decision. Some businesses are forced to speed down the recruiting process to shift to WEB/online job interviews instead of traditional ones. To avoid a mindset of regret about your career move, consider every aspect of the uncertainty and what is the best option for you. 

Another significant step that can help you move to your next career successfully is to get support from a recruitment agency. Considering most management and executive positions are not open to the market, you can benefit a lot from what an agency can provide: it can help you find a new opportunity that would be normally inaccessible, learn the industry trends by utilizing their large network of clients, or optimize your employability, all of which lead to a significant time-saving. Choose your job-change partner wisely to get the most from recruitment services.  

Regardless of the economic situation, a fear of change is normal as you go through the challenge. It is important for you not to dwell on the downsides of the move but to look at all of the opportunities inherent in the possibilities that lie ahead. To set off now with a positive mindset is one of the keys to a successful transition. 

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