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2019 HANAMI Celebration

Since the Tale of Genji, Hanami has always been a long-time honored tradition in Japan. While Apex’s legacy doesn’t stretch quiteas far back as the Nara period, we do have a nearly decade long tradition of taking a day to relax and observe the beginning of spring.

There is definitely an art to finding the right spot for Hanami, and this year, we got a few dedicated veterans to find the best spot in all of Yoyogi Park. They set out early in the morning to set up camp and make preparations for the coming day. Later in the afternoon the rest of the company joined in on the fun.


Although this year we didn’t get our perfect blue sky and it was a bit chilly, we didn’t let it dampen our mood. Stocked up with food and drink of all kinds, the company came together to celebrate, and celebrate we did.


Company staff’s friends and family also took part in the event, making the festivities all the more lively. From babies laughing to kids playing with Kendama and Frisbee, there was no short supply of good times to be had. 


As the day went on we enjoyed sushi, snacks, drinks and pizza, all while admiring the bounties of nature.


It’s a shame that the Hanami season is so short, but you can bet, we’re already looking forward to the next time the cherry blossoms bloom! 


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