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How to Recover From a Bad Interview

So you just had a bad interview, now what? Having a bad interview is not the end of the world, and it does not hurt to try again and learn from your mistakes. You can give the interview process another try if you are determined to get the job and feel you are the perfect fit. Whether you were feeling sick, arrived late, etc. it would not hurt to try again.


After the interview, give yourself some time to recover because you may feel upset and overcome with frustration. Take the time to go over what went wrong and how you can make the next interview your best one. For example, try to remember the questions you weren’t able to give a good answer for or do your research on the company if you didn’t do so prior. Preparation is the key to a successful interview, so learning from your mistakes and going over them will help you in future interviews.


To help make the process easier, try to consider an agent or consultant. They could act as the middle-man between you and a company to help relieve some of that unnecessary stress. They can help you better prepare for interviews and provide some input so you can ace your next interview. Additionally, if your interview didn't go well, the agent could advise you to consider some other roles and even possibly get the hiring manager to change their mind. So, having an agent gives you an extra pair of hands to help with your job searching and interview techniques.


If you decide not to pursue that same position, or you were denied a second interview, take some more time and prepare for your next interview. Go over your mistakes from last time, while also staying away from common mistakes and plan accordingly. If you are granted another interview for the same position, you should be well prepared because you should have a general idea on what questions they may ask and how the interview will typically go. If your next interview is for a different role, you might have an idea on how it may go and how to push through it and come out feeling successful.


  • Having an unsuccessful interview isn’t the end of the world. Take some time to think and go over what went wrong

  • Get help from an agent to prepare for interviews and act as a negotiator between yourself and the company

  • Apply the lessons you have learned from your bad interview to your next interview

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