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2024 Kestria Global Conference in Montreal

​Spreading Our Wings: Maximizing Impact

The 2024 Kestria Global Conference in Montreal showcased a display of innovation, collaboration, and strategic foresight. Over three days, from May 29 to May 31, the event provided a platform for 52 executive search professionals from 6 continents to share insights, celebrate achievements, and plan for the future.

The conference began with a keynote speech from Katerina Meimaroglou of Kestria Greece and President of the Kestria Executive Board. Her speech emphasized the importance of global collaboration and served as a reminder to embrace change and work collectively towards a common goal.

The introduction of three new member firms—Kestria Panama, Kestria Romania, and Kestria South Africa—reflected Kestria's commitment to broadening its global footprint and enhancing its capacity to meet diverse client needs.

Travis Hann from Kestria Canada & USA provided an analysis of the executive search markets in North America, highlighting both the similarities and differences between the USA and Canada. This session was particularly insightful for member firms looking to expand their operations across these markets.

"Meeting with our global Kestria colleagues is always a great reminder of how interconnected we are around the globe. This connection is key as we support our clients in their global expansion efforts. For example, one of our clients recently opened a new factory in America. We already partner with them in Japan, and now we’re strategizing to reach out and offer our recruitment services in America. With more Japanese companies expanding globally, we are well-positioned to support their growth both locally and internationally, ensuring they have the right talent wherever they go."Jorge Escobedo, Apex Senior Business Manager, Pharmaceutical

A roundtable on internal team development, focusing on onboarding, developing, and retaining talented consultants, was facilitated by Kestria Japan and Apex Associate Director, Japheth Worthy. His session focused on preparing a succession plan, which is necessary for ensuring the long-term success of member firms.

“Every year I look forward to our global conferences because not only is it good to reconnect with our global colleagues but also the learnings that come from it provide tangible results for our business here in Japan.”Japheth Worthy, Apex Associate Director, MedTech

The conference concluded with a keynote speech from Stephan Maighan, who shared his story of resilience and growth in challenging situations. His message resonated, reminding us of the importance of adaptability and perseverance.

The Benefits of Collaboration and Innovation

By bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise, the conference fostered a culture of shared learning and strategic growth. In an era where the executive search landscape is constantly evolving, staying ahead requires not just individual excellence but also collective wisdom. The conference highlighted the importance of agility, strategic communication, and continuous learning in navigating this complex landscape.

Insights and Future Directions

As we look to the future, several key insights from the conference stand out:

  1. Global Collaboration: Expanding global networks to meet diverse client needs is crucial.

  2. Strategic Planning: A collaborative approach to strategic planning and engagement is essential for achieving organizational goals.

  3. Recognition and Development: Recognizing outstanding performance and investing in team development are key to sustaining long-term success.

A Vision for the Future

The 2024 Kestria Global Conference in Montreal exemplified the power of collaboration and innovation. It provided a platform for industry leaders to share ideas, celebrate achievements, and plan for the future. As we move forward, the insights and strategies gained from this event will help to shape the future of executive search, driving growth and success across the Kestria network.

Partnering with Apex and Kestria

If you need support finding exceptional leaders in Japan or anywhere across the globe, Apex and Kestria are here to help. Contact us today to discover how we can help drive your business forward.

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