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How APEX Became a Linkedin Partner

In order to find the best talent for our clients, and to support our candidates in their job searches, in recent years we made a shift towards utilizing LinkedIn. The platform has proven to be an invaluable tool in connecting with job seekers and for global business development.

In 2016 we aimed to become one of the top recruiting firms on LinkedIn. Eventually, we moved our way up to landing a spot in the top 25 most socially engaged firms on LinkedIn in Asia. We plan on building on this recent success and aim to continue to move our ranking up in the top 25 most socially engaged firms.

We continue to invest in LinkedIn to this day, and as we build our partnership we have been given the opportunity to feature in a case study on our success with their platform.

Below is an excerpt of the case study:

“Apex was growing fast and moving into new industries; many of these industries had a good deal of professionals on LinkedIn. We started to see more and more candidates that were on LinkedIn get hired by our clients. Where once we were quick to tell clients, ‘we only do headhunting and don’t use LinkedIn,’ it no longer seemed like the right strategy. We also started doing global business development and LinkedIn is an invaluable tool for that. Soon afterwards, we started to invest time and resources into LinkedIn.”

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