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From Application to Offer - Salary Negotiation Case Study

Do you understand your current compensation? In this job change case, we helped a job seeker (Mr. A) who needed support in negotiating their salary and understanding the compensation package on the new offer. Let’s take a look at Mr. A’s job change process from application to offer:


We reached out to Mr. A to reconnect after a few years of no contact. He was interested in new opportunities and we discussed some positions that suited his background. He wanted to proceed with a few of them so we helped him apply to those roles.

Consultant Feedback: If a recruiter reaches out to you for one role and you are not interested in that specific position, it can be helpful to let them know you are interested in hearing about other opportunities as they may have multiple roles for you.


Mr. A was very interested in multiple opportunities, so we supported his application process the entire way and he received a few interview requests. Before each interview we scheduled a time to discuss on the phone what to expect with the interview and provide more information about the client so he was fully prepared for the interview. He brought up concerns with salary early on and informed us that a must have for him was a step up in salary.

Consultant Feedback: It is always a good idea to let you recruitment consultant know early on of any concerns you have or things that you highly value in your next job offer. That way we can provide the best possible support for you and help you get an offer you are happy with. Using the most up-to-date information you can provide, your consultant is happy to negotiate salary conditions for you.


Mr. A’s application was very well received and his first interview was with HR. During that interview they discussed more about the company, why he was interested, and general questions to determine personality fit. The feedback on both sides was very positive and less than a week later, his second interview was set up with a senior individual in the department.

The second interview was conducted in English so we made sure to prepare with Mr. A to ensure he was ready for the English aspect of the interview. Mr. A discussed with the interviewer what his ideas or plans for the department would be should he join their team. In this interview it was key for Mr. A to convey his passion and his management abilities.

After the second interview and throughout the quick interview process, HR was very positive and reassured us that Mr. A was their top choice, he was happy to hear that. Although they were planning a third and potentially fourth interview, they already asked Mr. A for his salary details to prepare an offer.

Finally, the third interview was later that month and with the head of the department and while they were planning a fourth interview, it ended up being cancelled due to a scheduling issue on their end. Because of this, there was a delay in the process between final interview and offer. Throughout that time, we kept in close contact with Mr. A and let him know exactly what was going on and HR’s feedback.

Consultant Feedback: We will always relay feedback to you and while the feedback may be great like in Mr. A’s case, continue to take all the interviews seriously and prepare for each one. We recommend avoiding to make the mistake of becoming overconfident too soon as that can affect your performance in the following interviews.


When it came time to discuss salary, Mr. A had some difficulties understanding the offer as he was not 100% clear on what his current compensation included. The salary offered was complicated as the client’s own compensation system was different than his previous company. Our consultants explained the offer in great detail to ensure that Mr. A had a clear understanding of what was being offered.

After discussing in detail, he was happy with the offer so we discussed how to best go about resigning as it can be a difficult process. Mr. A successfully resigned from his current place of work and will be joining his new company in the upcoming weeks.

Consultant Feedback: Make sure you have a clear understanding of your current compensation package including your base, bonus, and how you receive your pay. This is so we can best help you receive a competitive offer and something that you are happy with. Make sure that you stay in close contact with your consultant in case you have any last minute questions or concerns so we can best prepare you for your new job.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ask your recruiter to suggest multiple positions that may be a good fit for you.

  • Keep in close contact with your consultant and be clear with them on what your goals are and let them know of any concerns you have. That way they can best support you in your job change.

  • Avoid becoming overconfident after receiving positive interview feedback, it is best to continue to prepare for each interview.

  • Make sure you have a clear understanding of your current compensation package including your base, bonus, and how you receive your pay.

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