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The Apex Internship Experience -Will A.

​“During my time working in Tokyo as an intern at Apex, I have gained so much valuable knowledge and experience that I will take with me for the rest of my professional career."

Will Adams, who was working as an intern at Apex from last September, talked about his experiences and skills he had gained during his internship before heading back to the University of Victoria in Canada.

Working as a member of the Pharmaceutical team during his internship, Will, a 2nd-year business major at the University of Victoria, learned our recruiting process and more.

"This internship program gives students the chance to explore such an interesting industry while learning about a totally different culture - an opportunity that many students don’t have the chance to do while pursuing their education. Being thrown into an unfamiliar environment, I was amazed at the trust and responsibility the Apex team placed in me.” 


Will had a very successful Apex Internship experience, but it didn't come without some challenges.

"It is a bit overwhelming at first, learning the ins and outs of an industry that you have no prior experience in. There are a lot of learning curves along the way, and you need to learn to adapt quickly. 

One of the biggest things that I have learned while working at Apex is how important time management and prioritization is in the work environment. Apex has a very fast paced, open work environment - at any given time, there are so many different tasks to work on. Learning to manage and allocate the appropriate amount of time to different tasks based on their importance is something that I learned to focus on while at Apex. "

Apex Team

"One of the many amazing things about Apex is the people who work here. During my internship, I have had the pleasure of getting to know people with so many different backgrounds. Joining Apex, the team really provides you with everything necessary for a successful internship, and supports you throughout every step of the way. The teamwork, communication and work atmosphere is something that I have never experienced in any other job before. Everyone puts in a great deal of effort to get to know you, and welcome you as a valued member of the team."

Will finished his Internship at the end of December and returned to the University of Victoria, again. We are very sad to say goodbye, but we wish him best of luck in his future endeavors!

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