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Why You Should Establish and Build Your Professional Digital Presence

You may have recently realized just how pervasive technology and its digital realm has overtaken and revamped numerous traditional aspects of society. This digital overtake makes no exception for the job market. With this control, there are many new revisions that many must now make in order to sustain a strong professional image.
Today’s professional business culture is proving to be growing out of the days of merely having an overworked resume summary list of your most notable qualifications representing your fundamental image to the ever-competitive job market. Up keeping your resume is still important, yet there is now also a push to adapt to present professional standards. There is a tenacious drive toward understanding the vitality of establishing and building a professional digital profile. Employers are seeking candidates that can present a well-rounded profile. Creating a digital presence allows you to answer the important question of specifically who you are. In other words, you are now tasked in building a personal brand for yourself through the primary interactions of the digital world.


Your personal brand holds a vital role in presenting who you are to others. Thus, mastering the skill of personal branding is a highly valued professional business skill. This personal brand image offers the key opportunity for you to stand out from competing candidates for a job position. If you are able to master personal branding, you will see opportunities attracting themselves to you. A personal brand goes beyond your resume credentials to show potential employers a unique and more insightful look into your character in various environments, including in and outside of the workplace.


LinkedIn is a lucrative, top-performing social network resource that is designed to help represent you in a distinctive and professional manner. The platform has attracted millions to create profiles, including a large population of the worlds CEOs. This specific profile allows you to create the perfect exclusive middle man between your traditional resume and most impressive character qualities. Through LinkedIn, the purpose is to allow you the opportunity to create a digital resume profile that exposes more than your resume to boost your image but leaves out just enough detail for you to save your final selling-points for the interview(s) you land. When creating and building your digital profile on a platform such as LinkedIn, you want to make sure you have the appropriate elements to ensure the flourishing of your personal brand.

Some of these elements include:

  • Profile

  • Professional headshot

  • Headline

  • Summary

  • Experience

  • Connections

  • Skills


Social media platforms such as LinkedIn create tremendous opportunities for those looking to take their personal brand and digital presence to the next step. LinkedIn, specifically, is a host to over 500 million professionals waiting to make connections. This platform is especially useful in meeting and connecting with professional recruiters, who constantly share new opportunities through their profile. It is one thing to send your resume to several potential hiring companies, however having your digital profile resume readily available to such a large audience guaranties an influx of new professional opportunities. Through LinkedIn, you are given the opportunity to practice and build important networking skills that will allow you to climb in the professional industry. While practicing all of these key skills, you are simultaneously capable of continually innovating your personal brand. Overall, maximizing your networking opportunities and making your resources distinctly available to you through your digital presence is vital in ensuring that you do not disappear from the competitive candidate’s list.


  • Staying up to date with the constantly changing professional business industry is important to ensure lasting success and opportunities.

  • Building your digital presence inherently shapes your personal brand.

  • Starting and up-keeping your professional LinkedIn profile.

  • You can avoid limiting your networking outreach by optimizing your digital presence on the proper platforms.

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