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Executive Recruiter Advice: IT & Kubernetes

In the digital age, developer and engineers are always in short supply, and with the IT ecosystem so wide and varied, finding the right person, with the right logic, programming, and process management skills can be tough for companies.

This is evidenced by the great debate regarding what language should programmers start or continue learning throughout their careers to be successful. In this piece, we’ll talk about the kinds of skills that companies in Japan are in desperate need of and how you can make yourself stand-out in the programming world.


Java, JavaScript, Python, C, C++, C#, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure. These are just a few of the building blocks that allow companies develop and create software and services consumers use on a daily basis. The problem is that within just a single company, the ecosystem of tools, software, and information management systems is so vast, getting them to speak with and work with each other ends up being an incredibly monumental and labor-intensive task.

Enter Kubernetes. Kubernetes [Sometimes referred to as K8s] is an open-source system that manages different groups of apps and allows them to work together without having to worry about issues like scalability, application failure and restart, or where they are stored, be it in the cloud or some on-premises storage infrastructure. 


The ability to have a group of applications work together is a boon in IT, and companies are willing to pay top dollar for the right engineers, with some of the biggest players earning around 20 million yen a year.

Kubernetes is probably used in a host of systems, applications, and services that you use on a daily basis. Google, IBM, Yahoo Japan, Pokemon Go, and Goldman Sachs just to name a few. If you’ve been paying attention in the IT world, the market is pushing the use and sale of applications and application services. Demand for developers who have the power to let applications talk to each other and work together is at an all-time high and if you’re looking for your next big career move to set you apart from the competition, Kubernetes might be the answer.

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