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Positivity and Growth, A Mural by Kanagawa Technical Senior High School

Kanagawa Technical Senior High School students hanging a wallpaper mural at Apex.

Students from Kanagawa Technical High School volunteered to design and hang a wallpaper mural at the Apex office. It was a 6 month long process from concept to completion, but the results were well worth the wait! There were several meetings to discuss concept ideas, progress, and challenges faced along the way. Collectively, we all agreed on a concept that embodies positivity and company growth, as it is symbolic of Apex's current state.

After perfecting the mural design, 11 students and their teacher visited the office on November 24th to hang the mural wallpaper. All of the students took the project very seriously and completed it with the utmost professionalism. It was their first time working on a wallpaper mural, but they all enjoyed the process and were pleased to gain valuable real-world experience.


Step 1:The students prepared the walls by removing all of the old paint.


Step 2:They started hanging the newly designed wallpaper from the top corner and slowly worked their way down.


Step 3:Then they carefully cut and lined up each piece of wallpaper.


Step 4:The students made sure there were no air bubbles or creases while applying. 


Step 5:We all took a step back and admired 6 months of hard work coming to fruition.


Thank you Kanagawa Technical Senior High School for designing a beautiful mural for the Apex office. We wish you continued success in your education and future careers!

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