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2024 Apex Golf Tourney

​Last weekend marked the second annual Apex Golf Tournament, held at the beautiful Sohkyu Country Club in Chiba. The event brought together 23 Apex employees, fostering camaraderie and teamwork beyond the office walls.

This year's tournament welcomed participants of all skill levels, from veteran golfers to first-timers. To ensure an inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone, we paired experienced players with beginners for a friendly team competition. This approach not only leveled the playing field but also provided an excellent opportunity for skill-sharing and bonding among colleagues.

At Apex, we pride ourselves on cultivating a dynamic, active, and flat work culture. The golf tournament exemplified these values, encouraging employees to partake in a casual yet engaging atmosphere that promoted unity and collaboration.

Yuki Ozawa, Principal Consultant, shared her thoughts on the event: "We were blessed with great weather, and it was a wonderful event! It was a valuable experience to be able to cooperate and play with colleagues we don’t usually interact with through sports. I am looking forward to next year and future events as well." 【Photo: Bottom right】

Nao Kukita, Coordinator, expressed her appreciation for the event: "I had just started playing golf, but the weather was pleasant and sunny, and I was able to have a lot of fun even as a beginner by learning from the more experienced members! It was a great opportunity for me to get to know other team members who I don't usually have the chance to get to know. Looking forward to the next round!" 【Photo: 2nd from the top right】

With approximately 130 employees, Apex recognizes the importance of facilitating communication and relationship-building through company-wide events. Despite the challenges of connecting with colleagues on a daily basis, these gatherings serve as a catalyst for strengthening interpersonal bonds and fostering a sense of unity within the organization.

Looking ahead, the Apex team has an exciting lineup of events planned for the summer, including the annual Yakatabune party and a company trip. These events underscore our commitment to maintaining a balanced work culture that values both dedication and enjoyment.

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