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5 Tips for Acing Your Online Job Interview

​A WEB/online job interview is an increasingly common part of the recruiting process globally in our COVID-19 era. While the number of WEB/online job interviews is expected to soar, poor preparations can derail even the best candidates. Here, you will learn the 5 tips for acing your WEB/online job interview to increase the chances of landing your dream job.

What is a web/online job interview?

A WEB/online job interview is an interview conducted via an online chat video platform instead of a traditional face-to-face meeting. The recent most common type is a video call including Zoom, Teams, Google Hangouts, or Whereby. It’s likely that the shift remains a trend even after our shelter-in-place era passes because of its advantage: It reduces the risk of infection, enhances the chances to interview non-local candidates, and speeds up the interviewing process.  

Tip 1: Stable internet connection

Ensure that your Internet connection is stable. Online interviewing may take up a lot of bandwidth and a spotty WiFi connection may cause a hitch. Pick the best spot close enough to your WiFi router at home so that you can get a good signal. If your home’s Internet connection is poor, consider an alternate location where you can do the interview in a private room with stable WiFi. 

Tip 2: Clear sound and no distractions

Never underestimate the importance of good quality of sound at your interview. At home, select a quiet room with doors and windows closed to shut down any background noises and distractions. If you would like to create a more favorable meeting environment, using a headset or headphones with a mic is recommended.  

Make sure that the app that you are using and your computer are not on mute, and your computer’s audio works perfectly. If connection issues crop up the day of the interview, you will switch to a phone call to seek directions from the interviewer as long as you confirm it with him prior to the meeting. You can also inform him of the glitch via chat on the application system. Using hand gestures to explain the sound disconnection doesn’t showcase your professionalism.  

In addition, closing any unnecessary web browser tabs and applications is a must-do. You should eliminate any distractions that could interfere with your conversations including notifications, pop-ups, and alarms on your computer. 

Tip 3: Proper lighting and backdrop

When you interview from home, position your computer in the spot providing you with some diffused lighting so as not to create shadows or glare. 

Also, it is the most proper to display a plain wall as your backdrop. One of your family members may have a chance to open or close the door behind you. Your dirty laundry or unmade bed in back of you may not only distract the interviewer, but also ruin your professionalism. 

Some video conferencing platforms offer virtual backgrounds, so consider using it if you are struggling to find an appropriate location. Practice with it first to see if it appears you are in a professional setting. 

If you use your smartphone for your call, never fail to set it in the mobile phone stand to avoid a wavering screen. They are purchasable at 100 yen shops.  

Tip 4: Preparation for app and necessities

Download the app you are using for the interview ahead of time, if necessary. Google Hangouts requires your Google account. 

Create a professional username and photo as they appear on your resume if it’s available. 

On the day of the interview, have a copy of your resume or CV, a list of questions to ask, a piece of paper, pen, and your smartphone (in silent mode) on your desk. Avoid typing for your memo on your computer since it may create distracting sounds.

Tip 5: Professional attire

Dress properly to make the best impression. You will look into the general dress code that depends on the job and company you are interviewing with as you would for an in-person interview. Just because the camera only shows you from about the waist up doesn’t mean you can be halfway dressed. You may have a chance to stand up and show your entire body to the interviewer to get something needed in the midst of the interview. 

Making eye contact is also of great importance. You may be tempted to stare at the monitor or yourself on the screen, but look sometimes into the built-in camera to make eye contact with your interviewer. 

Make the best impression possible

Even if you are the candidate who prepared the most for your online job interview, something that disturbs your conversations may happen during the call, internet disconnection for instance. Remember that the key to success is not to panic and stay positive. You can use it as a perfect chance to demonstrate your ability to deal with unexpected situations in the workplace.

Irrespective of whether physical or online interviews you join, the most significant factors to win the offer are the same: Your positive and favorable attitude, passion for the job and business, and your smile. You can communicate your qualities as a human via either online meetings or not. 

To build more confidence, schedule at least one mock interview with a friend or family member under similar circumstances to ease your concerns and concentrate on delivering the best interview presentation on the day of the interview. 

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