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APEX Company trip :Universal Studios Japan & Osaka

Here at Apex, we believe in the motto “Work hard, play hard” and last year we definitely worked hard, resulting in one of our most successful years to date.  Last weekend, we decided that it was time to play hard and as a company and we took a trip to Osaka together!

We normally host events each season, for example Hanami or Yakatabune, but this was something special. The company recognizes how much each employee gives in order to be successful, and so we wanted to give back, in celebration of our shared success.


In the early morning we caught the Shinkansen together from Shinagawa Station. Along the way, we chatted, enjoyed snacks and drinks on the train, and took in the beautiful Japanese country-side from the train windows, including a very nice view of Japan’s majestic Mt. Fuji.


We chatted and enjoyed the scenery on the Shinkansen

Shinkansen 2

Early in the morning, everyone was excited for the trip

Mt. Fuji

A beautiful view of Mt. Fuji from the train


Once we arrived in Osaka, we took a bus to Universal Studios Japan (USJ) for a day filled with good food, thrilling rides, and great photo ops!  We were really glad the weather was so nice. Osaka was a little warm even though it was winter. 

Group photo in USJ

Group shot at a popular Harry Potter Area.  Because it was on a weekday, we had the rides all to ourselves

Group photo in USJ 3

We've got some huge Minions fans here at Apex

Group photo in USJ 2

In front of the Universal Studios fountain, ready for the rides!


Once we’d had our fill of USJ, we decided it was time to head back to the Hilton Hotel in Osaka for a wonderful company dinner at the luxurious Centrum Grill & Wine where we ate, drank, and were merry.

Dinner at Hilton

The dessert course of strawberry coconut mousse with caramel pecan icecream was both parts  beautiful and delicious!


From there, some people, tuckered out from the day’s festivities, relaxed in their hotel rooms or the spa, while others decided to extend the party and experience Osaka’s nightlife.

Night life in Osaka-1

Dotonbori is a must-see in Osaka.  Night life in Minami was really cool!

The next day, everyone decided to venture out into Osaka and take in all that Tokyo’s sister city has to offer!

Okonomiyaki in Osaka

You can't leave Osaka without getting Okonomiyaki!

There was good food, great times, all in the celebration of our success! Here’s to another year of working hard and most definitely playing hard!

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