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2024 Hanami Celebration

​The Apex Hanami celebration bounced back beautifully after being postponed by rain last year!

At Apex, welcoming spring with the Hanami celebration has been a key part of our culture since the beginning.

This year, we faced some weather uncertainties that almost threw a wrench in our plans. The morning started with heavy rain, which could have dampened our spirits. However, by afternoon, the skies cleared up, revealing a beautiful day ahead. The change in weather set the stage for a wonderful gathering among the cherry blossoms.

Over 100 of us from the Apex family - employees, interns, and our loved ones – gathered in Yoyogi Park for our annual Hanami celebration, complete with food classics like pizza, tacos, and sushi.

"I had a great time at my first Apex Hanami! The morning rain had stopped just in time as we arrived at Yoyogi Park, and the rest of the afternoon was nice and sunny. I enjoyed the opportunity to relax with my colleagues and share some great food and conversation. Coming from a different work culture in New Zealand, I'm grateful I can experience a unique part of Japanese culture with my company." ― Kaitlin Outtrim, Associate Consultant/Legal & Compliance Team

The Hanami celebration this year was more than just a sign of spring; it reflected Apex's growth. As we continue to bring in new faces from around the world, events like this highlight the importance of coming together as a community. They remind us of the strength and unity in our shared experiences, helping to build a strong, connected company culture.

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