Onboarding And Retention

Onboarding & Retention: Strategies from Industry Experts

Thank you to the following HR professionals for their feedback and contributions:Satoko Baba, HR ...

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Unexpected Interview Questions

Unexpected Job Interview Questions and How to Prepare for Them

You may have rehearsed answers to common interview questions, but what if your interviewer throws...

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Peak Performers Celebration 2022

Peak Performers Celebration 2022

​Apex held its first inaugural Peak Performers celebration at the Andaz Hotel in Toranomon Hills ...

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Apex Christmas Party 2022

Apex Christmas Party 2022

We celebrated our Christmas party in style at the Ritz-Carlton in Roppongi, where our employees d...

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Haneda Airport

Company Trip to Ishigaki

The Apex 10-year anniversary celebration in 2020 was inevitably postponed due to the global pande...

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Questions To Avoid In An Interview

What Questions Should You Avoid Asking In An Interview?

​You are probably familiar with how the end of an interview typically goes, when it comes to the ...

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Tell Tokyo Tower Climb 2022

TELL Tokyo Tower Climb 2022

It's good to be back! We were delighted to return to TELL Japan's iconic Tokyo Tower Climb after ...

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Successful Job Change With Commentary From Apex Consultant

Case Study: Successful Job Change With Commentary From Apex Consultant

A mid-management level executive was introduced to Apex by a former colleague. Like many professi...

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3 Reasons Why You Can Change Careers Successfully During Recession

3 Reasons Why You Can Change Careers Successfully During a Recession

​If you are considering a major decision like a career move, the new coronavirus outbreak may hav...

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Apex Yakatabune 2

The Return of the Yakatabune

​It's 2022 and the tides are changing. What better way to celebrate than by taking the entire com...

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Company Culture (1)

How Company Culture Affects Job Satisfaction

There are many factors to consider when changing jobs. Some popular examples are salary, working ...

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English Skills Required At Global Companies

English Skills Required at Global Companies in Japan

​When you visit job posting sites of global companies, you will never fail to find “English skill...

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How To Land Your Ideal Job In Your 40s

How to Land Your Ideal Job in Your 40s

​Last fall, the CEO of a Japanese beverage giant stated that employees should retire from their c...

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Apex Executive Search Company Of The Year

Apex Named the Executive Search Company of the Year

​Apex was named The Executive Search Company of the Year at the 2021 TIARAs, the industry's most ...

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5 Tips To Communicate Effectively When Working Remotely

5 Tips to Develop Effective Communication as a New Remote Hire

​The pandemic has significantly increased the number of fully remote job interviews, and with no ...

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How To Use The Star Method For Job Interview Questions

How to Answer Interview Questions With the Star Method

​Virtual interviews are now the new normal, but with the flattening of interaction, making a last...

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5 Points To Consider When Evaluating An Early Retirement Package

5 Points to Consider When Evaluating an Early Retirement Package

​As a wave of cost reductions hit the workforce, more companies are offering early retirement pac...

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Erp Pitfall A Managers Prolonged Job Change Process Case Study

ERP Pitfall? A Manager’s Prolonged Job Change Process Case Study

​If your company is ready to offer you an early retirement package (ERP), would you accept it? Re...

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Best Advice For Improving Your Online Job Interview Skills

Best Advice for Improving Your Online Job Interview Skills

​The job change market remains favorable to job seekers compared to a period of 7 years around th...

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Workplace Diversity And Inclusion

Will Coronavirus Accelerate Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace?

“Diversity and Inclusion” has become a hot topic as an increasing number of global firms in Japan...

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Providing A Helping Hand During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Providing a Helping Hand During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Several months have passed since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Japan, and while daily infections ha...

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Remote Work In Pharma Industry

Challenges With Remote Work in the Pharma Industry

​For years, the Japanese government has been promoting “work style reform” as a significant polic...

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Apex 10 Year Anniversary Cover

10 Years of Helping Candidates and Clients Achieve Professional Success

​September 1st marks the 10 year anniversary of Apex K.K., an executive search firm located in To...

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Will Intern Experience

The Apex Internship Experience -Will A.

​“During my time working in Tokyo as an intern at Apex, I have gained so much valuable knowledge ...

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Apex Healthcare Life Sciences Ri Award 1

Healthcare & Life Sciences Recruitment Company of the Year

​Apex K.K. has been awarded the "Healthcare & Life Sciences Recruitment Company of the Year" awar...

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Apex Karuizawa Lift


​Karuizawa in the winter time is a quintessential Japanese holiday. The Apex team was fortunate e...

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Apex Kanagawa Technical High School Mural

Positivity and Growth, A Mural by Kanagawa Technical Senior High School

​Kanagawa Technical Senior High School students hanging a wallpaper mural at Apex.Students from K...

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Accepting A Counteroffer

5 Ways Accepting A Counteroffer Can Hurt Your Career

​The next step after accepting a job offer is to resign at your current place of work if you have...

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Apex Tokyo Tower Team Photo 3 Ps

TELL Tokyo Tower Climb 2019

​On September 8th, 2019, 500 participants “took a step” to remove stigmas around mental health by...

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The Apex Internship Experience -Maya K.

​Maya Kumazawa is a 3rd-year business major at the University of Victoria, Canada. After graduati...

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Tom Goodall Halliwell

The Apex Internship Experience - Tom G.

​"Interning abroad will allow you to learn more than you ever could in a classroom, with tangible...

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Apex Yakatabune Boat Banner

Apex Yakatabune Party 2019

​The Apex team is always excited to hit the high seas for a fun evening full of Japanese culture,...

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Supply Chain

Characteristics of a modern Supply Chain

​In modern supply chains “Agility” is a key word that every company is talking about.  With const...

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It Kubernetes (1)

Executive Recruiter Advice: IT & Kubernetes

​In the digital age, developer and engineers are always in short supply, and with the IT ecosyste...

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Hanami4 1

2019 HANAMI Celebration

Since the Tale of Genji, Hanami has always been a long-time honored tradition in Japan. While Ape...

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How Technology Is Changing Job Recruitment

How technology is changing job recruitment

We continue to witness just how powerful technology is with its force of creating new changes in ...

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Manager And Leader

How Management Roles Differ From Leadership Roles

The words manager and leader are very similar and are used interchangeably in the business world....

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Group Photo Of Employees 1

APEX Company trip :Universal Studios Japan & Osaka

​Here at Apex, we believe in the motto “Work hard, play hard” and last year we definitely worked ...

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How To Create A Positive Work Environment

Tips on How to Create a Positive Work Environment

​As a manager, it is important to keep the atmosphere in the workplace positive. Having a positiv...

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Which Leadership Style Best Represents You

Which Management Style Best Represents You?

​Being in a management position requires you to take charge and guide your employees to ensure sm...

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Digital Presence

Why You Should Establish and Build Your Professional Digital Presence

You may have recently realized just how pervasive technology and its digital realm has overtaken ...

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Should You Listen To Hearsay

Should You Listen to Hearsay in Your Job Search?

When you’re searching for a new job, it can be difficult to figure out where to look for the most...

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Keep In Mind

3 Things to Consider When Changing Your Job

The job changing process can be unpredictable. It can be exciting to be searching for a job that ...

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How The Economy Affects Job Prospects

How A Bad Economy Affects Job Prospects

It’s no surprise that a bad economy affects job prospects. The economy works in cycles, there are...

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Emotional Intelligence

Can Emotional Intelligence Improve Your Job Change?

​Changing jobs can be a challenging process. From interview anxiety to long waiting periods witho...

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What Makes A Good Manager

What Makes A Great Manager - Advice for New Managers

​Great managers are essential for the success of any organization. These personnel help to achiev...

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3 Leadership Characteristics To Emphasize In An Interview 01

3 Leadership Characteristics to Emphasize in an Interview

​One of Apex's founding members and long time recruiter, Curtis Jordan, discusses 3 things execut...

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Received 546898799104495

Work Practices of The Future: LinkedIn Awards

What technologies and practices are at the forefront of the work-style changes in the human resou...

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Targeted Resume

6 Steps To Creating A Targeted Resume

​Are you wondering why after sending your resume to company after company you have not gotten man...

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Medical Device Careers

Careers In The Medical Device Industry – Advice From A Recruiter

​Japheth A. Worthy is a medical device recruitment consultant and specializes in Sales and Market...

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Rejected From The Interview

Rejected After the First Interview, What Went Wrong?

​You just had an interview, everything went great but then you receive the not so great news ,you...

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Case Study   Salary

From Application to Offer - Salary Negotiation Case Study

​Do you understand your current compensation? In this job change case, we helped a job seeker (Mr...

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First Job Change

How Do You Change Jobs For the First Time?

When you have never changed jobs before, doing research beforehand and preparing for every step i...

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Top 5 Mistakes Job Seekers Make

TOP 5 Mistakes Job Seekers Make

​After working for the same company for many years, the process of changing jobs can be difficult...

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Job Change Timeline

How long does it take to change jobs in Japan?

​Job change in Japan on average can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months for middle management positi...

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What Motivates Employees

Do You Know Your Career Goals and Motivations?

There are many factors that may motivate an individual at work; whether it be salary, company cul...

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Ask Yourself These 3 Questions About Work-Life Balance

A hot topic nowadays when it comes to job satisfaction and job change is work-life balance, and m...

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5 Steps To A Smooth Resignation

5 Steps to a Smooth Resignation

Whatever the reason, you’ve decided that you want to quit your job. It’s time to take steps towar...

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Ri Awards (1 Of 1)

Best Recruitment Company to Work for 2018

​The Recruitment International Awards recognize innovation and best practices in the Japanese rec...

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What To Expect When You Meet With A Recruiter

What To Expect When You Meet With A Recruiter

​Meeting with a recruiter for the first time can be a little nerve-racking as with any unknown si...

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Case Study

From Application to Offer -First Job Change Case Study

​As recruitment professionals, we see many kinds of job change cases. From short processes, to lo...

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Promotion Criteria

How to Determine if You Should be Promoted

94% of people said they wanted more responsibility at work, and 47% cited lack of responsibility ...

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Lack Of Leadership Training

The Effect of a lack of Leadership Training in Japan

​A great leader has the ability to make a lasting positive impact on the business similarly, a no...

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20180411 Dsc 0317 1

A Day in the Life of an Apex Intern

​The Apex internship program was established over 4 years ago, and every intern we have had has m...

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What Makes A Good Leader

Is Leadership a Skill You Can Learn?

The topic of leadership is always important in organizations, as leaders determine the direction ...

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What Type Of Ra Career Path Is Right For You

What type of Regulatory Affairs career path is right for you?

​When building a career in regulatory affairs at a medical device company, professionals need to ...

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Quick Job Change Case Study

From Application to Offer -A quick job change process case study

​As executive search consultants, we work with many professionals in supporting them through thei...

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Job Satisfaction   Growth Ceiling

How lack of Responsibility Growth Affects Job Satisfaction

​Job satisfaction is becoming even more important in Japan in recent years, as professionals toda...

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Ace Your Interview

7 Things You Can Do To Ace Your Interview

​The amount of people changing jobs mid career is among the highest it's been since the global fi...

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A Closer Look: First Impressions about Training

​The first thing we did in 2018 was introduce our latest round of new hires to our training progr...

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5 Benefits Of Recruiters

5 ways working with a recruiter can benefit your company

​Finding a new employee for your organization can be a struggle. Searching for that perfect match...

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Startup Vs Corporation

Making the Switch: Part 3 Moving from a large corporation to a startup

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the differences of making the switch from a Japanese company ...

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New Manager

How to Succeed as a New Manager in the First 90 Days

​The first three months for a new manager are essential in setting expectations with subordinates...

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The Apex Intern Experience -Month by Month Review

​Over the last 3 and half months, we have had the pleasure of hosting our newest intern, Francis,...

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Japanese And Eu Companies

Making the Switch Part 2: Moving from a Japanese to European Company

​We previously discussed the benefits and drawbacks of moving from a Japanese company to an Ameri...

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Careers In The Pharmaceutical Industry 1024x640

Careers in the Pharmaceutical Industry -Advice from a Recruiter

Noa Nakamura is a pharmaceutical recruitment consultant and specializes in multiple areas includi...

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20171102 Img 1801

A Closer Look: The Apex Training Experience Part 2

​We previously discussed what the Apex training program covers and how the current new hires are ...

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Making The Switch  Moving From A Japanese Company To American (1)

Making the Switch: Moving from a Japanese to American Company

​It is common to see cultural influences on corporate cultures, the organization structure, how t...

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Newhires Fall2017

A Closer Look: The Apex Training Experience – Part 1

​At the beginning of October, we welcomed a big group of new hires to our team. They are currentl...

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6 Ways A Recruiter Can Benefit Your Career

6 Ways Meeting A Recruiter Can Benefit Your Career

​You find your work interesting, your co-workers are nice, and you are happy at your current job;...

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Apex Summer Interns 1 Of 1

The APEX Intern Experience

​This summer we welcomed three interns, Natasha, Neale and Sebastian, from the Peter B. Gustavson...

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How To Structure Your Resume

How to Structure Your Resume

​Let’s talk about resumes: What information should you include? Is there information you should o...

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A Day in the Life of an APEX Trainee

It has been a number of years since we launched the Apex training program, and during this time i...

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Family   Job Change

Have You Spoken To Your Family About a Job Change?

​When considering changing careers, job seekers often keep the thought to themselves. After all, ...

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Career Progression

Is Accepting A Less Senior Title A Good Career Move?

When considering a job change, almost all of us want to move to a position that reflects growth a...

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3 Common Resume Mistakes

3 Common Resume Mistakes You should Avoid

​One of the worst things that can happen when applying for a job is getting rejected because of a...

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Apex Lobby Photo

How APEX Became a Linkedin Partner

​In order to find the best talent for our clients, and to support our candidates in their job sea...

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