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How to Succeed as a New Manager in the First 90 Days

The first three months for a new manager are essential in setting expectations with subordinates, creating a good first impression, and blending into the team as a new manager. To help you accomplish this, here are some tips.


Great managers need to be proactive in how they develop office relationships. While you will most likely be overloaded with information in your first few days at work, try and schedule a one-on-one meeting with your direct reports in the first couple of weeks. This meeting will allow you to start building a positive working relationship early on in your new position. This meeting is not only about getting to know your direct reports personally, but also to learn about any differences in work styles that you may have. Ask them about their work style, for example whether they prefer face to face communication over email.  Do they tend to communicate in a direct or indirect way? Do they consider themselves introverts or extroverts? These questions will not only allow for more effective communication early on, it will also help make your direct reports feel more comfortable at work.

Other good questions to ask during this meeting are:

  • What projects they excel at so you can best work with their strengths.

  • What they see could be areas of improvement within your department - they have been there longer than you and may have valuable insight into the company.

  • What are their goals and future aspirations within the company. Knowing their goals will allow you to provide a work environment that will help them grow, and thrive within the company, and hopefully allow them to meet their goals.

By doing this you not only learn key details about your reports’ workstyles and how they communicate, you will also be able to demonstrate what kind of leader you are and begin building a positive work relationship.


You don’t need to become best friends with your team, but getting to know them outside of the office will make work much more enjoyable and will even help you succeed in the long run. In the first few weeks of your new position, organize a team lunch so you can get to know them better in a less formal environment. This will help build a positive rapport in your new team, which can go a long way in working effectively as a team.


One of the best things you could do as a new executive is invest heavily in securing an early win for your team as it will build momentum for future success and will build confidence both within your team and in you. Having a small success as a team early on will build confidence in your ability as a leader and help unite your team. This early momentum will help lead to many more future successes and will make you glad you aimed for a small win early on.


  • Get to know your reports work style immediately to start building a positive relationship.

  • Getting to know your team both inside and outside of work could contribute to your team’s future success.

  • Aim for an early win - it will be crucial for gaining momentum.

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