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How technology is changing job recruitment

We continue to witness just how powerful technology is with its force of creating new changes in our everyday lives and activities that were previously a second nature to us. Now, the job recruitment process has also received a makeover in the Digital Age and there are several changes you should be aware of for your next job hunt.


One positive new element that technology has introduced to job recruitment is the elimination of boundaries. With technology allowing you to multiply your connections, you are no longer limited by distance in terms of the employers you can reach when finding the proper opening for you. You are free to connect and share your personal profile to virtually anyone. This benefit creates a wider area for you to reach out to employers with your professional profile. Ultimately, with the today's technology providing a vast global reach and increased speed in networking, there is great potential for a rise in the amount of new opportunities waiting for you to tackle in your next job hunt.

Pro tip: Make sure you stay relevant by creating and building your digital professional profile. You don’t want to miss out on these new opportunities!


Technology is not only changing who you connect with, but also how you connect with others. Now, it is more likely for employers look at your profile in a digital format. The days of printing your resume are behind us as companies are more likely to request a digital version of your resume. This change allows potential employers to discover and connect with you more quickly and freely than before. In addition, this opens an opportunity for you to freshen up your resume, social media, and digital profile and choose the most optimal way to present yourself. Simultaneously, you are given the opportunity to build your digital presence and personal brand.

LinkedIn is one of the many prime examples of a popular professional social networking platform that hosts millions of recruiters and employers readily available for you to share your profile and make vital connections. Employers are looking for your ability to present a well-rounded profile that will ultimately convince them to move into the next steps of bringing you on board with their team. This redesigned way to make a first impression of your skills and qualifications goes a long way in benefiting you in attracting favorable attention to your professional profile for future job ventures.


In the past, when you successfully landed an interview for a potential job, you would traditionally expect to meet with an employer in person. Now, it is becoming more common for employers to utilize digital meeting platforms like “Skype” or “Zoom” to gain first impressions and communicate with you throughout your job hunting process. This technological benefit is great for both the employer and you as it provides convenience and versatility in meetings.

Pro tip: Make sure you still properly prepare and dress for your online interview. Employers are still looking for you to make a good impression of yourself and show that you have simultaneously been to adapt to the recent big changes with technology.


  • Be aware of the changes that technology is making to the job hunting process so that you are properly prepared.

  • Take advantage of the increased opportunities made available to you through the technologies ability to bring you an increased global reach to make connections and network.

  • Create your digital resume to start networking and create a professional digital presence for yourself!

  • Practice conducting your digital interview now.

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